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Mayor Shaver and Governor Scott Discuss Preserving St. Augustine Forever: ACTION NEWS JAX

Posted: 7:19 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015
Gov. Rick Scott, St. Augustine mayor have conversation about city's aging drainage, sewers
By Lorena Inclán
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — One day after rain flooded streets in St. Augustine, the mayor spoke face to face with Gov. Rick Scott about funding for the city's aging infrastructure.
Mayor Nancy Shaver and the governor met in private for about 20 minutes on Tuesday.
The governor held his cabinet meeting at the treasury on the plaza. Shaver made it a point to speak to him. One major concern is not only the infrastructure but more so the drainage and sewers running underneath the road.
On Monday, water was shin-deep in some areas. People put their kayaks to use in the street. It’s what happens each time there’s a rainstorm because the city’s old drainage system can’t handle such large amounts of water in a short period of time.
“Stormwater, as you know, is connected to roads, is connected to water, is connected to sewer, so when you start projects like that, those are big projects,” Shaver said.
Shaver said they’ll need a well-equipped pumping station that could cost roughly $100 million. Put that on top of the $140 million in backlogged infrastructure projects and it is apparent why the city could use some help.
But those weren’t the only concerns on Shaver’s mind when she spoke with the governor.
“The West Augustine sewer project is incredibly important to us; it has an economic development impact, as well as providing sewer to homes that don't have sewer in St. Augustine,” Shaver said.
Following his cabinet meeting Tuesday, we asked the governor about those concerns.
“We go through the budget process and I work with local elected officials to see where it makes sense to make these investments,” Scott said.
Shaver said the governor was very helpful and is optimistic the state will do its part.
“He gave me his cellphone number and said, ‘If you need some help being pointed in the right direction, give me a call,’” Shaver said.
Shaver said she also spoke to Scott about a connector that would help move people off State Road 16 directly to the beaches, alleviating much of the city’s traffic. Nothing is set in stone yet, but she said it was a good conversation.
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