Sunday, September 06, 2015

Top Ten Shortchanged or Overlooked Things in 450th

1. Recognition of Native Americans, women, workers, African-Americans, Minorcans, Greeks, Italians, Jews, Northerners, GLBT people and our Civil Rights history
2. Safety -- the ground on the intersections and curbs of AIA, Bridge of Lions, Avenida Menendez, Cathedral Place and King Street were poorly lit.
3. ADA compliance.   (If Will Franke were alive, there would have been better OSHA and ADA compliance -- as it was, we're lucky if we don't get sued).
4.  Transparency. Still waiting on responses to numerous Open Records requests.
5.  Financial accountability: $400,000 no-bid hyper-screens and other flummery require investigation.
6.  Profiteering: $2 water?  On what theory?
7.  Violation of vested contractual rights of Slave Market vendors -- kicked out for four days.  No just compensation.  Replaced with sellers of musical acts' CDs and paraphernalia.
8.  Violation of antitrust laws: Visitor & Convention Bureau put out a fatwa that "Jacksonville food vendors (e.g., African-Americans?) were unwelcome, seconded by the City.  Neither have antitrust immunity.   Perhaps the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission will investigate.
9.  Privacy rights.  (We don't need your stinky App!)(see earlier story and irrefragable facts about 450th Events App hacking your cellular telephone contents, including your text messages).  OINK!
10. The good people of St. Augustine -- Who ever thanked us for our patience with $4 million flummery, dupery and nincompoopery.  Audit? Yes we will!


Anonymous said...

Re #2: Please remove Wil Franke's name. It's grotesquely disrespectful to make this claim. Mr. Franke's responsibilities were for buildings and NOT events.


Ed Slavin said...

No, thank you.
Our City website listed him as ADA coordinator.
If not him, who?
To what?
The City repeatedly flunked on ADA compliance.
If will's duties as ADA coordinator did not extend to events, the City's website never drew such a distinction, and neither would anyone else.
The simple palpitating truth of the matter is that City Manager JOHN PATRICK REGAN, P.E., staff and City Commissioners are indifferent to ADA. That's why 100 people were forced to stand for Nancy Shaver's inauguration as Mayor. That's why Bob Jones and Merrill Roland prevailed in their federal court lawsuit on ADA violations. I hope someone sues again -- the City needs to learn to obey federal law.

David Nails said...

This whole event was just...poor. I'm truly embarrassed for the city today.

Jim said...

Actually the city was pretty fair to both the Slave Market and the VIC area vendors (pushed out because of the lottery drawing and related festivities at the VIC). We all got discounted fees for the month and all got to set up under the overhang of the parking garage in front of the VIC where everyone seemed to do pretty well. Granted there is nothing in the bylaws saying they could take over the areas, but all the VIC vendors I deal with were satisfied that an honest effort was made to be fair.

Anonymous said...

I attended the 450th re-enactment today and if you weren't a dignitary or the press you couldn't see anything. This entire week has been an embarrassment to the city of st Augustine. what a legacy they have left...nothing but their own filled coffers.