Monday, October 05, 2015


Read the comments below the Steven Cottrell column (below), perhaps by one of the Commissioners, et ux?
Lacking in substance, fulsome, full of pejoratives, long on adjectives, cliches by the carload, ranting rodomontade about unnamed public comment speakers they don't like.
Full of helpful suggestions about other peoples' lives.
They remind me of the louche LEN WEEKS crony (JERRY DIXON, PZB member), how actually barked at me that I should "get a life" after WEEKS was fined only $3600 for destroying 211-year old DON PEDRO FORNELLS HOUSE, when I objected to lax City Attorney ISABELLE CHRISTINE LOPEZ hugging WEEKS as an appearance of impropriety.
Get a life?
Get a clue.
Your sins have found you out.
The whole world is watching.
Do laugh at their ranting cant.
Then forgive them.
But realize they're threatened by First Amendment protected activity.
Support an Ethics Commission.
Support the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore.
Stop being a lickspittle for ethically challenged developers.

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