Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Thanks for no-bid lease, $1/year renewal, from St. Augustine Beach Civic Association bullies and loudmouths (in haec verba)

Lease renewal a team effort - Thank You 

Dozens of people and many local organizations took time to call, email and speak out at the August 3rd City Commission meeting.  We are so grateful to everyone and we send our heartfelt thanks the The Art Studio Group, A1A Scenic Byway, Sons of Italy, The Betty Griffin House, St Johns Business Network, Play It Forward Music, St Augustine Youth Orchestra and individuals like new member Nickie Gorce, Michael Cunningham, Cathy Ballard, Bill Pitzalis and many others.  Everything we do in the community takes teamwork.  In spite of a few (sic) critics we celebrate over 40 years of making a positive impact in our community.  

The lease on the garage at Pier Park is used for staging the over 75 events put on by SABCA.  We also share our space with other nonprofits that utilize Pier Park for the good of our community.  We appreciate the vocal support from all of you!

Volunteering to serve others is honorable and fulfilling.  It's not always easy.  Tactics like spreading misinformation (sic), unfounded (sic) allegations and innuendo (sic) about an individual or organization has (sic) no place in our community.  Those who participate should consider focusing their effort on making a positive contribution instead of attempting to tear down (sic) the work of others.

Our Board of Directors is more focused than ever on the future.  It is our privilege to serve our community and its visitors.  Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon at the Florida's very best beach 
Bill Jones - President 

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