Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Trump Volunteer Training At Airport Government Building? NO REQUIRED DISCLAIMERS ON AD COPY

Our St. Augustine Airport is the venue for training for DONALD J. TRUMP for President volunteers.  TONIGHT, September 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM.
There is no disclaimer in the ad copy (below) stating that the Airport does not endorse Trump -- the Airport ruled years ago that political organizations using Airport space must include such disclaimers.
DONALD J. TRUMP is a lawbreaker -- are you at all surprised?
I've asked for a copy of the government contract.
Will TRUMP pay or stiff his bill?
Will ROBERT THORNTON SMITH write another bad check, as he did for Newt Gingrich signs in 2012, resulting in criminal prosecution and appointment of a special prosecutor?
Wonder whether the local Koo Koo Klan members will show up in uniform?  
Will African-Americans, Hispanics and Gay people be prohibited from entering?  
Will Trump supporters and Sheriff's deputies beat up dissenters? 
Will Nondisclosure Agreements be required?  Is the training open to the public?  
Has anyone at the Airport ever thought that fascist training might be bad for branding?

Dear Fellow Republicans,
Help get Trump elected by volunteering for the Trump Campaign.
Please attend our SJC Volunteer Organizational Meeting
Wednesday, September 7th 6:30pm - 9pm.
Northeastern Regional Florida Airport
Conference Center
4730 Casa Cola Way
St. Augustine
The agenda will include:
-Introduction of County Leadership Team and RNC/RLI Field Personnel
-Training on FLC Connects Program and Trump Talk Call System
-Scheduled upcoming Trump Events in the county
-Information re: Phone banks, GOTV, Debate parties, Sign-waving events, Saturday walks
Please email Diane Scherff, SJC Trump Campaign Chairman, with any additional questions at: and
please include your zip code.
Trump must win Florida and St. Johns County can help make it possible!

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