Saturday, March 24, 2018

Fraudfeasing DUVAL "TRUMP CLUB" Flops, Charged One Dollar for "Free" Hot Dogs

Only some 30 people showed in a Salem Centre hall that could hold 500 in a city of one million souls.

DUVAL "tRUMP CLUB" disorganizers charged one dollar for "free" hot dogs that were promoted twice as "free" on public radio station WJCT Melissa Ross's First Coast Connect National Public Radio program with guest host Jessica Palombo interviewing Club President Jim Davis and Duval County Republican Chair Karyn Morton.

Yes. Twice the diosrganizers said on Jacksonville public radio that the hot dogs were "free."  As Milton Friedman said, "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

Yes. Disorganizers actually charged one dollar for the "free" hot dogs, which were burned.

That's consumer fraud and a potential FCC law violation -- will someone kindly report "DUVAL tRUMP CLUB" disorganizers to FCC and Flori-DUH AG PAM BONDI?

There was "tRUMP Wine" for winners of a possibly illegal raffle.  See photo below.

The youngest person appeared to be in her sixties.

One of the tRUMP disorganizers falsely claimed there were over 100 people.  He lied.

"Raise your hand if you carry a concealed weapon," said a campaigning curmudgeon colonel. About ten people raised their hands.

My friend and mentor, the late KKK-busting folklorist and investigative reporter Wm. Stetson Kennedy, would have been proud of the eyewitness who reported back to me.

Speaking to a nearly empty hall, retired National Guard and Reserve Army Col. MICHAEL McCALISTER stands behind two bottles of TRUMP WINE, prizes in illegal lottery conducted at dismal "DUVAL tRUMP CLUB" meeting.

Col. McCALISTER was defeated for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in 2012 by Connie Mack, in turn defeated by U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.

Col. McCALISTER once allegedly falsely stated he "testified before Congress.'

Col. McCALISTER once allegedly improperly wore his former uniform at political events and was called out for it by the Stolen Valor group.  McCALISTER may file to run for Florida Agriculture Commissioner.

Based on his one hour speech, the thing McCALISTER knows most about agriculture may be manure.  He is reportedly a graduate of Southeastern Missouri State College with a degree in agriculture, with a Ph.D from Union Institute in Ohio, but from his pompous prevaricating perservating speech, does the Ph.D. stand for PILED HIGHER and DEEPER?

SATIRE ALERT: Here's a materially altered photo of the tRUMP elephant at the desultory DUVAL tRUMP CLUB party.

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