Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thank you, Sherman Gary Snodgrass -- we WILL enact the St. Augustine National Park and National Seashore!

Thank you, again, to former St. Augustine Beach Mayor Sherman Gary Snodgrass, for your inspiration -- yes we can!

Yes, we're going to get the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore enacted into federal law, starting with a modest study provision, requiring NPS to investigate and present Congress with alternatives by the year 2020.

Then-Mayor Snodgrass helped create SAB's 35 foot height limit in its Charter.


By appointing in 2013 to SAB's Charter view Commission forward-thinking I. Henry Dean, who is now endowed with some 45 years of experience in Florida environmental affairs, stating with work for Governor Reuben Askew, culminating in current service as St. Johns County Commission Chair.

Surrounded by corruption, mendacity and mediocrities bought and paid for by developers, our tS. Johns County Commission Chair, I Henry Dean, is as wise a tree full of owls.

Working with his late friend John Henry Hankinson, Jr. --later EPA R4 RA and head of the  Gulf Oil Spill cleanup --  helped acquire tens of thousands of acres of land for SJWMD,

We are blessed that I, Henry Dean is currently our St. Johns County Commission Chair.

Thank you, again, to Sherman Gary Snodgrass made his mark on environenantl protection by naming I. Henry Dean as his appointee to the Charter Review Committee in 2013, resulting in 2014 Charter amendment by voters.

No thanks to disappointingly dupey, deluded, deceptive, gauche and gooberish good-ole-gal SAB "Mayor" a nd Commissioner UNDINE CELESTE PAWLOWSKI GOERGE: she's had secret meetings with park app developers.

She actually appointed CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS, JR. to the Charter Review Committee of the City of St. Augustine Beach -- this corrupt developer was the only dissenting vote on 35 foot height limits.

Yes, "Mayor" UNDINE GEORGE in 2013 appointed to St. Augustine Beach's Chartr Review Commissioner the dopey dupey, duplicitous, ditzy, dumb, dull, demagogic developer LEN WEEKS -- that LEN WEEKS, the energetic egomaniacal energumen, who illegally destroyed on September 25, 2014, contrary to City and architect advice/direction,  without permits, Don Pedro Fornells House, 211-year old Spanish colonial structure at  62A Spanish Street -- yes UNDINE GEORGE actually named disgraced former St. Augustine Mayor CLAUDE LEONARD WEEKS (a/k/a "EEK!") to review and revise St. Augustine Beach's charter, and he voted against height limits.

Developers long ran St. Augustine Beach, under stayed-too-long senescent  City "Manager" BURCE MAX ROYLE under the corrupt regime of Mayor EMMETT PACETI.

Mayor Gary Snodgrass was a breath of fresh air, who required that corrupt City Manager BRUCE MAX ROYLE actually answer citizen questions after public comment.

Which Mayor has done so since?

Does newbie MAYOR UNDINE CELESTE PAWLOWSKI GEORGE lack sensitivity, and class?

Here's the link to the book by my friend, former SAB Mayor Gary Snodgrass:

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