Friday, March 02, 2018

Proposed Censure of St. Augustine Beach Comm'r RICHARD BURTT O'BRIEN: IN HAEC VERBA

SAB's ex-Mayor, controversial Commissioner RICHARD BURTT O'BRIEN faces a proposed censure resolution at the March 5, 2018 St. Augustine Beach City Commission meeting. Meeting begins at 6 PM. Naturally, City "Manager" BRUCE MAX ROYLE has it set for the end of the meeting, but this is subject to change.

Three cheers for Commissioner Maggie Kostka for her courage in filing censure resolution against O'BRIEN.

The draft censure resolution, proposed by Commissioner Maggie Kostka, reads as follows:

A Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of St. Augustine Beach censuring Commissioner O’Brien and providing an effective date.

Whereas, Commissioner Richard O’Brien’s statements and actions have been in conflict of City policies and procedures detrimental to the City of St. Augustine Beach, and

Whereas, Commissioner Richard O’Brien violated City of St. Augustine Beach policy and procedures by writing to St. Johns County on city letterhead, signed as Mayor, supporting extension of the Civic Association running of the farmer’s market in January, 2017 without approval of the commission.

policies and procedure manual City of St Augustine Beach, revised 9/26/16, pg 26, paragraph 2; “Statements by City Commissioners: A) directed by the City Commission, the Mayor is authorized to represent the City in public forums or media. However, the Mayor is NOT authorized to bind the City or otherwise commit the City to any position without the express authority of the City Commission.” and

Whereas, Commissioner Richard O’Brien was fined by the [Florida Elections Commission] for his 2016 election campaign, representing himself as the “Republican’s choice” without consent or approval from the St Johns County Republican Party, and

Whereas, Commissioner Richard O’Brien violated a Conditional Use Permit requested for the building of 2 houses on his own personal property at F Street, the violations resulting in special meetings, consuming the time & resources of the City & the Commission. The meeting held on July 5 & 6th, 2017 resulted in a $25,000 fine, which has not yet been paid, and

Whereas, Commissioner Richard O’Brien, acting [as] city Mayor at the time, arrived late on at least 3 occasions during 2017 (on July 6th he arrived 34 min late) where he kept the public and other Commissioners waiting, and

Whereas, Commissioner Richard O’Brien, acting [as] city Mayor at the time failed to attend many city-sponsored events including: Beach Blast 2016 & 2017, Arbor Day ceremony 2016 & 2017, Veteran’s Day celebration 2016 & 2017, “topping-out” ceremony for Embassy Suites Hotel at which he was supposed to speak 6/2017 and ceremonies for Ron Parker 2017 & 2016 at Ron Parker Park.

Now therefore be it resolved by the Board of Commissioners of St. Augustine Beach that:
Section 1: Commissioner O’Brien shall not write or sign letters on City letterhead, nor identify himself as speaking for the City, without prior consent of the Commission.

Section 2: Commissioner Richard O’Brien is hereby formally informed that the Board of Commissioners of St. Augustine Beach, Florida strongly condemns and disapproves of his statements and actions and is hereby advised that violation of the terms of the Resolution may result in his removal from St. Augustine Beach Commission meetings and further sanctions may be warranted.

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Rosetta Bailey said...

Just WOW. Thank you eCommissioner Kostka.
He should be removed from his seat until such time the $25,000.00 fine is paid in full by Commissioner Obrien, a copy of the cleared check and a copy of the deposit of such check.

He constantly violates the law, he is consistent for getting around the fines.

We wasted all the time last year on Commissioner Obriens violations. It was not the 3 minutes of public response wasting the time , it was Commissioner Obrien and his issues. He thinks he is above the law.

*Dune Destruction (he was not fined), *thousand of gallons of lagoon water pumped into his privately owned County installed bastardized manhole. 8
*Fiesta Falls which has no construction blueprints or permits on file with the City of St Augustine or the county of St Johns, the only existing document is a site survey reflecting two structures.
Makes one wonder why the lagoon even exists?

This all reverts to double standards.
His campaign manager on November 2016 did in fact threaten Obrien's opponent Rosetta Bailey by threatening to run over her with the suv parked in the City Hall parking lot. The campaign manager did in fact take an Obrien campaign sign and push Rosetta Bailey two times in the back. State's attorney dropped the case and we can all figure out why.