Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Reading the propaganda about BRUNSON (below), I am reminded of how the late Clinton Courier-News Publisher Horace V. Wells, Jr. proclaimed ot the world that a "no true bill" was issued by a Federal Grand Jury in Knoxville, Tennessee for then-Sheriff DENNIS O. TROTTER (now deceeased) in 1983.

No such thing had occured. WELLS, the "Dean of Tennessee Journalism" and head of the Tennessee Press Association, was told of the phony "no true bill" by TROTTER.

If WELLS had bothered to call the United States Attorney, he would have learned there is no such thing as a "no true bill" in federal court.

In 1984, TROTTER was indicted, incarcerated for four years in La Tuna, Texas and Maxwell AFB Federal Correctional Institutions. Upon his release, TROTTER was obliged to defend against the lawsuit I brought against him (for the bogus libel lawsuit he had me served with on the morning of my first law exam, torts). TROTTER and his co-felons not only got federal records, but they ended up paying me money for their torts.

Keep mouthin' off, Plazabummers. I reckon the FBI is watchin' all of y'all, wondering about your obstruction of justice and hate crimes and threatened terrorisdm. Your rodomontade gives the domestic terrorism agents an opportunity to update their intelligence files on St. Johns County hate groups (just as your bad behavior in St. Augustine, Florida before and after Rainbow Flags flew on our Bridge of Lions in 2005).

You've got to wonder about the intelligence and credulity of the anonymice, some of whom reckon it's okay for RANDY BRUNSON to pay no rent to KANTI PATEL for six months, and act as if I did something wrong in reporting BRUNSON.

As an ancient Hibernian proverb has it, "it's not the nangman but the murderer who brings dishonor on the house." Didn't BRUNSON's friends warned him he'd be caught if he paid no rent to PATEL? If not, are they really friends?

Also, who but an arachnid apparatchik Republican would take pleasure in a purported holding that you can accept free rent from a developer and not face consequences?

Also, who else but a disciple of Lee Atwater would release/write a "story" without any paperwork from the Florida Election Commission.

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