Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time For New York TImes to Increase Involvement in St, Augustine and St. Johns County, Florida

I was pleased the N.Y. Times Magazine printed my letter this morning.

I'll be even happier still when the Times reports on local government scandals.

I'll be happier still when the N.Y. Times bought the St. Augustine Record and the Florida Times-Union, as it had the chance to do in 1982 (for only $200 million).

Today, the Times might buy the pair of papers for a song, based on Folio Weekly's article earlier this year about Morris Communications' money problems. Recent days have seen even less news than before in the Wreckord. What's going on?

Meanwhile, it would be wonderful if the N.Y. Times offered seven-day-a-week delivery here in St. Augustine, as it did through a distributor when we first moved here.

The time for discrimination is over -- the Times needs to serve this college town, our Nation's Oldest City, with seven-day-a-week home delivery.

What do you reckon?

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tsiya said...

Eddy, you need to trim those humongous image files, they are making your pages difficult to read.
You are still harping on the first amendment while blissfully ignoring the 2nd amendment, and, possibly, all the rest of them. Should I send some reference material your way?