Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plazabummers Attack Cancer Victim Maureen Ortagus, Intentionally Inflicting Emotional Distress

Knowing that community activist Maureen Ortagus is suffering from cancer, obscene, anonymous posters on (Plazabummers) are attacking her with hate speech, intentionally inflicting emotional distress. That's a sin, a tort and a crime.

See letter to Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, below.

These putative "Christians" falsely impersonate Ms. Ortagus, making false acusations, with daily harassment (even falsely personifying her as "Maureen Slavin" with grotesque accompanying picture of some other person).

These putative "Christians" made up a NIC on "Talk of the Town," falsely impersonating Hanford, WA whistleblower Edwin L. Bricker's wife, Cindy.

They have no shame, hiding behind the skirts of their anonymity, these anonymice.

The ancien regime in the City of St. Augustine has no moral principles. As my friend J.D. Pleasant says, "they will say and do anything."

The whole world is watching St. Augustine, Florida and the self-immolating spectacle of a few our supercilious city and county officials, business people and others.

Theyr'e having a pig's breakfast ruining our town's reputation, acting as if St. Augustine is one big homeless camp (and that anyone who criticizes the status quo is crazy).

They're like LEE ATWATER on steroids, but unlike LEE ATWATER, they've never apologized for their sins, torts and crimes.

Perhaps it's time for good and decent people to picket those who purvey hate speech, picketing them at their offices, stores and homes.

Tell us who you are, anonymice on Plazabum.

You're hurting St. Augustine's reputation as a nice place to visit, making a pig's breakfast of our town with your threats, hate speech, libel, slander, defamation, intimidation, racist, sexist, misogynist, anti-gay obscenities.

You're not doing anything to help our tourist economy with your emotionally self-indulgent need to hold up to ridicule and obloquy those who speak out against environmental crimes by the City of St. Augustine and other government wrongdoing.

You show your lack of merit by attacking a woman suffering from cancer, attempting to interfere with her employment, while stating your intent to do violence to people who disagree with you, run them out of town and interfere with their employment.

Anyone who would dump 40,000 cubic yards of solid waste in our Old City Reservoir (resulting in fines) and dump treated sewage effluent in our marsh (resulting in fines) is an unjust steward of the environment in this beautiful town. Those who support them are soreheads.

I wear their scorn as a badge of honor -- and so does Maureen Ortagus.

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