Thursday, November 13, 2008

White Supremacy? Don’t Make Me Laugh.

One look at the accused KKK murderers in Oklahoma (see below), one listen to St. Augustine's City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRISS, or one read of's racist, sexist, misognyist, homophobic, libellous screeds, knocks into a straw hat the KKK's nostrum about "white supremacy." Superior to whom?

These bigots aren't superior to anyone. They're bullies, braggarts and cowards.

Imagine our City of St. Augustine taking solid waste from Lincolnville, putting it into the Old City Reservoir, then wanting to take it back to Lincolnville when caught. It happened in America, 2005-2008, here in St. Augustine, Florida, our Nation’s Oldest European-founded City.

We stopped them of course, even though the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP a/k/a “Don’t Expect Protection”) approved their nefarious plans – environmental racism. They were fined and required to ship the solid waste to Nassau County’s landfill.

Wonder why? Community organizing by Judith Seraphin. Hundreds of St. Augustinians were in St. Paul’s A.M.E. Church at the January 10, 2008Stop the Dump meeting (sponsored by the Lincolnville Neighborhood Association), helping halt our City's racist reactionary ways. At the conclusion, we sang, “We shall overcome.”

Then in 2008, we reported the City of St. Augustine for sewage effluent being dumped in our saltwater marsh at the south end of Lincolnville. Our City is being fined for that and required to replace the leaking “pipe” (with 120 feet missing), which our racist City Manager ignored for years, briefing Commissioners privately (but never the people of our City). See pictures of the "pipe" below -- not much of a pipe.

St. Augustine City Manager WILLIAM B. HARRISS & Co. are still angry with me, as if someone put a fox in their pajamas. And so it goes. They won't be building a statue of me in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, either -- they're still mad about the 1983 mercury declassification. The fact that over five billion dollars have been spent on cleanup and people are safer is of no interest to them -- they're mad because I "committed truth," in Pentagon whistleblower A. Ernest Fitzgerald's phrase.

The radical right-wingers who seek to boss and bully the people and the government of our City of St. Augustine -- they’re smug, they’re smarmy and they’re snarly – they’ve never quite forgiven me for reporting their illegal dumping – twice.

The St. Augustine Police Headquarters is actually named after VIRGIL STEWART, a KKK member who in 1965 said it was only "outside agitators" who caused trouble in St. Augustine (rather than the police riots and systematic criminal violations of civil rights).

IF Stewart's name is allowed to stay, it ought to be re-named to add the name of at least one of the Civil Rights Foot Soldiers who led St. Augustine and the Nation to desegregation and civil rights, with the 1964 Civil Rights Act enacted by Congress as a result of what the KKK and police did here in St. Augustine.

The KKK is America's first terrorist group, founded by NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST (see below), a slave owner and slave trader who killed African-American prisoners during the Civil War. Jacksonville, Florida, has a school board so unenlightened that it voted to keep FORREST's name on a high school (put there in 1958 as an insult to black people as part of "massive resistance"). How indescribably disgraceful. See below.

One look at the rutted roads in Lincolnville and the all-white city managers is enough to convince you that the spirit of the KKK is alive and living in St. Augustine and St. Johns County.

It's a great Nation that elected Barack Obama as our President and we're not going to let a few KKK types and their hateful anonymice ways steal our joy.

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