Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Letter: Dead oaks

Letter: Dead oaks

Eileen O'Brien
St. Augustine
Publication Date: 08/31/03

Editor: I was horrified, but not particularly surprised to read that our code enforcement board (what a joke) had dropped the $15,000 fine against Robert Graubard for destroying three massive oaks that were in his way.

The developers win again. They know that they can flaunt the laws with impunity by whispering "lawsuit." This is one of the few times the money for lawyers would have been well spent, to make an example of and a deterrent to future noncompliance.

I would ask Dave Chatterton and Jackie Leslie to go to that property in a year and count how many of those little saplings are still alive.

Without requiring irrigation or verifying maintenance I guarantee half will be just as dead as those 30 inch, beautiful oaks that man cut down.

Eileen O'Brien

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