Monday, November 17, 2008

Letter: City shouldn't subsidize FPL

Letter: City shouldn't subsidize FPL

Roy O. Barnes, Sr.
St. Augustine
Publication Date: 11/16/08

Editor: In Friday's Record, the story "City staff to discuss FPL deal," quotes Dave Cobb, spokesman for Florida Power & Light Company, who said the franchise provides financial stability for the company.

John Regan, the city of St. Augustine's chief operations officer, said that the city collects the franchise fee from Flagler College, the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, churches and other properties which are tax exempt, and without them paying the "fee" the city must find another form of taxation.

It is a fact that county residents pay the same for the electrical service without the franchise fee. Why should the city's citizens subsidize FPL with a franchise just to provide financial stability for their company, and why should the city's citizens be made to pay more to make up for taxes not collected from tax-exempt properties?

These are tough economic times for everyone. We do not need an extra financial load placed on our shoulders.

We all must find ways to economize, including the city of St. Augustine. Any thought that the city should buy out FPL for $50 million is just ridiculous.

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