Thursday, January 12, 2012

Florida Public Archaeology Network Responds to Hollywood Schlock -- JUST SAY NO to Offer to Plunder St. Augustine's Archaeology for TV Info-tainment

  • Florida Public Archaeology Network - Northeast Region
    Hi Desiree, we are not able to assist. It's sounds like yours is a scavenging project for the sake of finding "stuff." Without a research question, the concept in archaeological terms is unethical. Without a city permit (yes, even some private property in St. Aug) it is illegal. Might I suggest a show where you shadow our city archaeologist for a week? Carl Halbirt does amazing work and can best contextualize the city's buried past. I can give you his contact info if you are interested. SM
    January 2 at 6:27pm · 3
  • Tanya Peres Lemons Archaeological sites are not Hollywood stages and artifacts are not stage props. This is an ill-conceived show idea.
    January 7 at 8:25am · 1

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