Thursday, January 05, 2012


Mitt Romney Announces Justice Advisory Committee

Boston, MA — Mitt Romney announced today the formation of his Justice Advisory Committee. This group of distinguished lawyers will draw on their experience in all three branches of government, private practice, industry, and academia to advise Governor Romney in his campaign for the presidency. The committee will advise on the Constitution, judicial matters, law enforcement, homeland security, and regulatory issues. Where appropriate and permitted, some committee members will provide legal counsel to the campaign.

“Our democracy depends on a government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law. Our nation needs a Congress and an Executive branch that are cognizant of the bounds of their powers and a judiciary that will strictly construe the Constitution and refuse to legislate from the bench,” Governor Romney said. “I am proud and honored to have the support of an extraordinary group of attorneys and legal scholars. Their deep experience and wisdom will be invaluable as we address the constitutional and legal issues facing the nation.”

The Chairpersons of the Advisory Committee – Judge Robert Bork, Professor Mary Ann Glendon, and Richard Wiley – issued a joint statement saying, “Mitt Romney deeply understands that the rule of law and the integrity of our courts are essential components of our nation’s strength and must be preserved. He will nominate judges who faithfully adhere to the Constitution’s text, structure, and history and he will carry out the duties of President as a zealous defender of the Constitution. We fully support Mitt Romney’s campaign and look forward to working with other members of the committee as we advise him on today’s pressing legal issues.”

The committee includes such prominent lawyers as Secretary Michael Chertoff, Chancellor William Allen, Chief Justice Thomas Phillips, Steven Bradbury, Maureen Mahoney, Christopher Landau, Wendy Long, David Rivkin, Jr., Lee Casey, Alan Gura, Jay Stephens, Robert O’Brien, and John Sullivan.

The list of the full committee is below.

Members Of Mitt Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee:

  • Alex Acosta
  • William Allen
  • Alex Azar
  • H. Christopher Bartolomucci
  • Lizette Benedi Herraiz
  • Bradford A. Berenson
  • Elliot S. Berke
  • Brant Bishop
  • Michelle Boardman
  • J. Caleb Boggs III
  • Robert Bork
  • Steven Bradbury
  • Lee A. Casey
  • Michael Chertoff
  • Jeffrey Clark
  • Gus Coldebella
  • Roderick De Arment
  • George Dent
  • Michael R. Dimino
  • Thomas Dupree
  • Charles Eskridge
  • Allen Ferrell
  • Timothy Flanigan
  • Sergio J. Galvis
  • Deborah A. Garza
  • Tom Gede
  • Mary Ann Glendon
  • Alan Gura
  • Jimmy GurulĂ©
  • Catherine Hanaway
  • Jennifer Hardy
  • W. Thomas Haynes
  • Jay Jorgensen
  • Jay Kanzler
  • Roy Katzovicz
  • Richard Klingler
  • Christopher Landau
  • Stephen Larson
  • Katie Lev
  • Wendy Long
  • Fred Lowell
  • Raymond B. Ludwiszewski
  • Maureen Mahoney
  • Roman Martinez
  • Gary McDowell
  • Brent McIntosh
  • Grant S. Nelson
  • Mark Nielsen
  • Howard C. Nielson, Jr.
  • Robert O’Brien
  • Kevin O’Connor
  • John O’Quinn
  • Elizabeth Papez
  • Matthew Papez
  • Nels Peterson
  • Thomas Phillips
  • Stephen Presser
  • David Rivkin, Jr.
  • Jeffrey Rosen
  • Gene Schaerr
  • Jay Stephens
  • John Sullivan
  • Richard Wile

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