Friday, January 13, 2012

Heartless Justice Department Lawyers Insouciant About Senator John Edwards' Rights

Someone in the Justice Department Public Integrity Section in Washington, D.C. needs to have a talk with their psychiatrist, priest, rabbi or minister. It seems that former Senator John Edwards needed more time to prepare for trial because of vast quantities of paper and electronic documents obtained in discovery. Our government actually opposed the motion.

That is contrary to the genius of a free people.

Not only is DOJ putting on trial the one and only 2008 presidential candidate who cared about inequality, in a questionable case brought subject to a new legal theory.

But DOJ actually wanted to deny Edwards adequate time to prepare his defense. That is cruelly unfair, but all too typical of government lawyers, who can be incredibly overbearing, trying to grind less powerful parties into the dirt.

Whenever I tried cases against government (or corporate) lawyers on behalf of whistleblowers, I found them all too often lacking in humanity. Whether they were Department of Energy EPA, NASA, TVA or private sector defense lawyers, they were too often soulless and hateful, only too happy to collect raises and bonuses and promotions and partnerships for violating peoples' rights.

Former United States Senator Johnny Reid Edwards was indicted on June 3, 2011 for six felony and misdemeanor counts arising out of almost $1 million that rich contributors gave to help hide his pregnant mistress during and after his 2008 presidential candidacy.

At least DOJ agreed to Senator Edward' request to reschedule his upcoming criminal trial on account of life-threatening condition that required heart surgery. The new Judge assigned to the case has granted the motion.

I wish John Edwards well during his surgery and wish him a speedy recovery.

I hope the jury does justice. There's not nearly enough -- not nearly enough -- justice in our Nation and planet at this time.

What do y'all reckon?

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