Sunday, July 30, 2017

CHILD ABUSE?: Republicans Attack Fourteen Year Old Transgender Child Suing St. Johns County Schools

Lambasting "LGBT bullies," St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee Chair WILLIAM KORACH wants you to attack a child.  Yes. The fourteen year old transgender child is suing the St. Johns County School Board.  KORACH says he's doing so at the request of longtime School Board member TOMMY ALLEN, allent@stjohns.k12.fl 

Here's the hate mail from SJCREC, which my late friend and mentor Stetson Kennedy said was now a hotbed of the Ku Klux Klan.

Homophobic hater, bully and misanthrope WILLIAM KORACH may be reached on 904-540-8391 and KORACH's e-mail address is  KORACH lives in Marsh Creek Country Club and drinks lots of martinis with other known Republicans.  KORACH says the child is "confused."  I say KORACH is a bigot, a bully, a cognitive miser and a stench in the nostrils of our Nation.  Pray for him.  Confront his Philistinism.  As my grandmother would say, "he's typical of his type."  As LBJ said after Selma, "We SHALL overcome!"

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LBGT Bullies Sue St Johns Schools to Force Transgender Bathrooms St. Johns County School Board Me... 

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John R said...

You know, I've had plenty of times where I'm in a public bathroom, and a woman has come in, said "the line for the ladies' room is too long" and nobody had any problems with it. It's not like we're having some type of secret meeting or something in there, we're just using the bathroom.

So that's my way of saying, this letter from SJC Republicans is disgusting. You know what's way faster, easier, and cheaper than dealing with lawsuits? Just letting people use whatever bathroom they want to use. There is no good reason to restrict bathroom access.