Friday, July 28, 2017

Support the Cause of Free Speech in St. Augustine, Florida: Speaking Truth to Power

On July 24, 2017, I was kicked out of a St. Augustine City Commission meeting for speaking truth to power. Some of the ten highly-paid city directors sitting at the back of the room were disruptive, gossiping and acting childishly, making noise as they often do, especially toward the end of our meetings.

Beloved longtime local activist B.J. Kalaidi complained about the disruption.

She was gaveled for speaking out about the disruption.

I then asked that the City directors also be gaveled. That never happened.

Instead, Ms. Kalaidi and I were both ejected from the meeting room!

Reckon that my late friend and mentor, KKK-buster Stetson Kennedy, would be proud? Stetson was arrested here in St. Augustine on Election Day, 1950 for running for U.S. Senate on a campaign advocating "total equality." Stetson called me a "freedom fighter" and "Stetson Kennedy, Jr."

As LBJ said to Congress after Selma, "We SHALL overcome!"

Click here to contribute to the cause of exposing wrongdoing and preserving and protecting our history, culture and nature in St. Augustine.

Here's a cool 2011 interview of civil rights hero Stetson Kennedy:

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Warren Celli said...

Kudos to you an BJ Ed!

Getting the boot by this murderous scum bag corrupt government from one of their fake meetings is a badge of honor, but that badge is stained by the fact that you validate and legitimize these murderous thugs with the presence of your good name. Having said that I appreciate yours and BJ's efforts in constantly revealing the hypocrisy. It is great for all of the new comers looking for reasons for their anxieties to see what a bunch of bullies are running the show.

Trump, a Pernicious Greed for Destruction xtrevilist poser con man, has co-opted the people's angst and disgust and is using it to fuel the intentional perpetual conflict that is destroying us all. Trump is correct, the electoral process is a scam, as is the hijacked corporate menticide media that promotes and denigrates it at the same time, and him by constant exposure and lies of omission. Fear and hate is all pervasive, desire and love get token attention.

Shame on Vanilla Greed for Profit evilism Nancy Slaver for giving you guys the boot!

She is a Wellesley weasel, like her class mate Hillary. They, the Vanilla Greed for Profit evilism faction, have all been outsmarted by a greater deception.

The only language both factions understand is ka-ching!

Vote with your money every day!