Saturday, July 22, 2017

St. Johns County Commission Chairman JAMES K. JOHNS Hates Public Participation, Interrupts Speakers, Refuses to Allow Staff to Answer Questions. Wonder why?

St. Johns County Commission Chairman JAMES K. JOHNS hates public participation, too often interrupts speakers, shows hostile body language to speakers and Commissioners and illegally refuses to allow staff to answer questions.  Efforts to reach JOHNS for comment were unavailing Friday.

JOHNS works for developers in his day job, and continues to do so at Commission meetings.  Who put the fox in his bosom?   Who put this fox in the henhouse?  Appointed by Governor RICHARD LYNN SCOTT and then elected in an August 2016 universal primary.  No Democrat ran against him.  Al Abbattiello ran against him in the only actual universal primary, but was smeared by secretive PAC mailers.


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Tom Reynolds said...

He is a VERY LOUSY CHAIR PERSON. Very sad to have such an UNGODLY MAN in a VERY GODLY COUNTY !

The other Commissioner need to DEMAND Little Jimmy Johns STEP DOWN from the Chair !

Johns CAN NOT LEAD and is a DANGER TO A COUNTY THAT PRIDES ITSELF on being a FREE SPEECH, Open, Transparent, and HONEST County Government !