Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fake St. Augustine "Preacher" DOUG RUSSO Endorses Slavery on Facebook

I posted on Facebook a West Wing video where the fictional President Bartlet quotes scripture to a bigoted radio broadcaster. It was in response to anti-LBGT hatred spewed by St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee Chair WILLIAM KORACH, who was defended by local anti-LGBT bigoted "preacher" DOUG RUSSO. DOUG RUSSO just said "Slavery is NOT wrong. Never was and still is not.  People sold their children because of poverty."

Here's fake "preacher" DOUG RUSSO endorsing slavery:
Douglas Russo Edward Adelbert Slavin hollywoods corrupt lessons. Planting crops and materials of different kinds were not punishable. Slavery is NOT wrong. Never was and still is not. People sold their children because of poverty. No free welfare in Israel. The sabbath is now, under the NT, everyday, true Christians have entered a perpetual rest. Hollywood and the queer synagogues of Satan DISTORT the accurate meanings.

DOUG RUSSO has stated in public meetings that he has twelve children. No deeds of record re: sales on St. Johns County Clerk of Courts website.

DOUG RUSSO picketed 2005 Gay Pride Day with hateful signs and he picketed our 2009 Plaza de la Constitucion (Slave Market Square) celebration of President Obama's Inauguration.

On December 10, 2012, St. Augustine City Commission heeded my call, first expressed after Jacksonville rejected it in August 2012, and voted 5-0 to add "sexual orientation" as a protected class to our Fair Housing Ordinance. Whereupon angry "preacher" DOUG RUSSO yelled at our Commissioners "you're fired," and called them all "reprobates." Then-Mayor JOE BOLES replied, "Will somebody please escort that idiot out of the room?"  Whereupon I decided to grant him a plenary indulgence for all his many past sins.

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