Sunday, August 02, 2015

Thanks to Record for printing truth about DOW PUD, even if from "Anonymice!"

In the "Words from the Web" section of the Sunday Record some on-line comments posted about the City Commission's decision to send the Dow PUD to a second reading:
"Are they written on toilet paper? Why have zoning laws in the first place if they can be arbitrarily discarded? They are there for a reason. If I bought in the historic district, I would expect (and this is part of what I paid for) the character, density, parking, and turnover to remain the same. If they are to go ahead with this, the neighbors should be property tax exempt for life, and the life of their descendants, if they choose to live on the property. I can guarantee you this, money is changing hands somewhere regarding this BS.
— sponger2"
"Not to be overlooked, Corneal really pulled the rug out from under his few supporters. This from the article: “David Corneal, who purchased the property, has already started renovating two buildings for use as an apartment, though he plans to use the property as an inn ...” What?!! He’s creating apartments at the Dow when all along his side has decried making apartments there and harped on the evil of renters?!! Dark days in PUD Land.
— SkateG"
Thanks to sponger2 and SkateG, whoever you are!

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