Friday, September 02, 2016

Another Lynching, Another Coverup, Another Putative "Suicide"

My parents were married at Fort Benning (Alabama side) in 1945, so I was intrigued and outraged by The Washington Post's article today (September 2, 2016) about the FBI's "flawed investigation" of the lynching of African-American soldier Felix Hall whose body hung for eight weeks, decomposing.

Leads were not pursued, the FBI and Army engaged in a coverup, and there were rote incantations and false allegations of "suicide."

Sound familiar?

When will they ever learn?

Read all about it, here.

The Edward A. Slavin. South Jersey Chapter of the 82nd ABN DIVN ASSN is named for my father.

My father and mother raised me to confront and defeat evil and bigotry in all its works and pomps. So must we all.

Footnote: Mentioned in the article was NAACP leader Walter H. White, whose son, Walter H. White, Jr. was the Chairman of the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division in 1989 who named me chair of the ABA YLD Committee on Human and Civil Rights and the YLD Liaison member of the ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities, 1989-1991.

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