Friday, September 02, 2016


JERRY CAMERON impersonating Patrick Henry (SAR)

"Fortunately there are not enough men of property in America to dictate policy."
--- Founding Father John Hancock in the song, "Cool, Cool Considerate Men" in the Broadway and movie musical 1776

At least in this one illegally closed primary election.

BOOTED FROM POWER, denied seat 3 in St. Johns County Commission: ego-tripping, energumen, power-tripping, poltroonish SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR supporter, wannabe politician JERRY CAMERON, former Police Chief of Fernandina Beach, former Assistant County Administrator for St. Johns County, lost by seven (7) votes to Paul Waldron, son of former County Commission Chairman Harry Waldron.

Seven votes -- the recount was yesterday (September 1, 2016).

JFK said, "Victory has a hundred fathers," but defeat is an orphan."

Reasons why JERRY CAMERON deserved to lose:

o Chauvinistically claiming Michelle O'Connell committed "suicide," blocking release of pertinent records on water consumption in the home the night that the shooting occurred -- relevant to Deputy Debra Maynard's recalling that JEREMY BANKS "smelled like a fresh shower," there being no blood or DNA on the weapon, and Deputy JEREMY BANKS' claim not to have taken a shower on that night,

o Dogmatically supporting Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, his frequent guest for quarterly "discussion groups" at his home on Friday nights.

o Obnoxiously ordering a little fifteen pound dog (Cyrus) to be killed, appointed as an unqualified, untrained, unjust hearing officer by County Administrator (later reversed due to persistent litigation by S.A.F.E.).

o Claiming to support "limited government" while contriving to use government powers to support greedy Fortune 500 companies building shoddy houses after destroying wetlands and forests.

o Blocking and threatening efforts to gain County Commission support for the St. Augustine National Park and Seashore.

JERRY CONMAN would have been a louche lickspittle supporting St. Johns County Administrator MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK and renewal of his golden parachute contract next year.

JERRY CONMAN, be gone.

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