Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Excessive Force Case Against JSO Proceeds; Judge Dismisses Most Of City’s Arguments (WJCT)

Three cheers for Senior U.S. District Judge Harvey Schlesinger.  

Here's another shallow article from maladroit local NPR affiliate, WJCT.  Did Jessica Palombo read Judge Schlesinger's decision?

Read it for yourself -- looks like only one City of Jacksonville argument was accepted.

By removing the case to federal court, the City of Jacksonville has invited a federal court jury to find against it.  Not necessarily a good career move for Jacksonville City General Counsel.

You can read a crude article on lawsuit being filed here

You can warch the victim's interview here.

You can read the docket sheet and individual it items on pacer.org, or today's version

Excessive Force Case Against JSO Proceeds; Judge Dismisses Most Of City’s Arguments 

A federal judge is allowing a case to proceed that alleges excessive force by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in two separate incidents during a woman’s 2016 arrest.
In her civil suit, Mayra Martinez says JSO and the city of Jacksonville are responsible for her being beaten unconscious and left for nearly 15 minutes on the floor of the intake area of the Duval County Jail on April 27, 2016.  
Judge Harvey Schlesinger last week dismissed the city’s legal defenses to almost all of Martinez’s claims. In his ruling, he referred to 10 previous examples of excessive force by JSO and wrote, “These incidents demonstrate that the City repeatedly took no corrective steps to remedy the officers’ actions.”
Martinez’s lawyer, John Phillips, said in an email to WJCT News, “It has been Ms. Martinez’s contention since the beginning that JSO’s defense (by and through the general counsel’s office) has been legally unsound.”
Phillips said Officer Akinyemi Borisade was originally charged with a misdemeanor, but that was expunged after Borisade said he had been trained to “do some of the actions” that were captured on videos at the jail and where Martinez was initially arrested, outside Scores strip club on University Boulevard.

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