Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sanctuary city brouhaha in St. Augustine

Our reform Mayor, Nancy Shaver, rightly responded to a citizen question that she would look into it.

That's what she does -- whether it's a pothole or matters of policy.

Unlike some past and former colleagues, she cares about people.

Now, she's being crucified by the likes of WILLIAM KORACH, St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee Chair and a member of the Republican Party of Florida ruling elite.

True Christians believe in mercy. That's the essence of the sanctuary movement.

KORACH claims to be Christian, and publishes books a/k/a screeds arguing against separation of church and state.

But when it comes to one of the greatest moral issues of our time, WILLIAM KORACH sides with the ninnies, boobies and xenophobes.

If you're a member of the KKK or hate foreigners, remember what FDR did to the august Daughters of the American Revolution -- after they banned African-Ameerican opera singer Marian Anderson from Constitution Hall, he opened the Lincoln Memorial for her concert. And FDR spoke to the DAR convention and began, "FELLOW IMMIGRANTS."

Posted January 31, 2017 12:02 am - Updated January 31, 2017 09:38 am
By SHELDON GARDNER sheldon.gardner@staugustine.com
Despite social media rumors, St. Augustine will not seek sanctuary status

A social media post by St. Augustine’s mayor led some to believe she supports sanctuary city policies, but she said that’s not the case.

What Mayor Nancy Shaver recently posted on Facebook, which she had deleted by Monday, described her great-grandfather’s contributions as an Irish immigrant in America, she said. Someone asked Shaver about sanctuary cities, and she said she would be happy to look into it.

That response led some who saw the thread to believe she wants the city of St. Augustine to become a sanctuary city.

“I think what’s important for all of us as a country is to be respectful and to be able to listen,” Shaver said. “In no way did I take a position on it.”

She also said, “Anytime anyone asks question I’m happy to look into it. … I looked into it and it didn’t seem to be something that was relevant.”

Those who believed Shaver was in support of a sanctuary city showed anger against and support for the idea in comments that remained on Facebook, and political party officials shared their thoughts on Monday.

The term sanctuary city is typically used to describe places “that do not cooperate with federal immigration officials” or is used by “political activists” to describe places that “enact policies to shelter undocumented immigrants,” according to the Associated Press.

President Donald Trump recently moved to cut federal funds for “sanctuary cities.”

Officials from several such cities, including New York, Seattle, and Boston, pushed back — some announced plans for litigation and said defunding the cities would be unconstitutional, according to the Associated Press. A law school professor quoted in the story said federal law doesn’t require cities “to participate in federal immigration enforcement.”

The city of St. Augustine doesn’t have a position on becoming a sanctuary city, said City Attorney Isabelle Lopez.

Bill Korach, chair of the St. Johns County Republican Party, said he doesn’t believe any sanctuary city policies will emerge in the city, citing the fact that St. Johns County is heavily Republican.

“I don’t think that would have a chance of a snowball in hell in St. Augustine,” Korach said.

He also said, “The whole idea of sanctuary cities is that the cities are not going to cooperate with federal authorities on illegals. We have to have borders [and protect our citizens],” he said.

The St. Johns Democratic Party hasn’t taken up the issue and hasn’t heard of any proposals on the matter, said Nell Toensmann, chair of the party.

“If anybody would ask me on a personal basis, I would say absolutely, that we should do it,” she said, adding that she would support it because of empathy for people.

She also spoke against Trump’s recent restrictions on entry to the US, which targeted Muslim-majority countries, according to the Associated Press.

“We grow stronger because of the gift from other cultures and other people,” Toensmann said.

As far as the misunderstanding on Facebook, Shaver said everyone’s “temperature” is high right now. She said her role is be calm and to listen to everyone.

“There’s just a lot of emotion running around,” Shaver said.

7 hours ago
Well, that's a relief, to be sure.
6 hours ago
Peggy Hatton
Does the mayor not know what a sanctuary city is? It's  just a special kind of stupid to say she 'Would look into it'. Either she didn't know what it was OR she is in favor of it, either scenario is unacceptable. 
5 hours ago
This is a nice little city we have here. Anyone who would want to turn it into criminal territory is insane. I have been following families  who's children and family members have been killed (murdered) by illegals. Try telling them about sanctuary cities. Being here illegal is against the law of the land. Stop trying to make President Trump look like the villian.  We need law and order in our country.   
(edited)5 hours ago
First Coaster
Her honor has a firm grasp on current events.

Mayor - did you oppose Obama's immigration restrictions?  Carter's?  Clinton's?  
5 hours ago
Based upon this article, Nell Townsman, chair of St. Johns Democratic Party, is the individual who thinks turning St. Augustine into a sanctuary city is a good idea.  She stated that "I would say absolutely, that we should do it", adding that it would be "because of empathy for people".  That "empathy" is misguided.  You have to first be concerned about the "safety" of the citizens of this community.  Illegal aliens are simply that - ILLEGAL.  Harboring them and not cooperating with Federal authorities is a bad thing, and cannot be excused or justified in any way.
4 hours ago
First Coaster
She needs to move back to Connecticut or whatever libtard enclave she is from.  

1 hour ago
People in the city support having sanctuary status. If democratic debate over an issue is too much to handle, you should pack your bags for whichever fascist nation you would prefer to reside in. Thank you friend! 
(edited)4 hours ago
First Coaster
"Social media" is the new "I read it on the bathroom wall" news source.  
2 hours ago
Nancy Warren
Well, the Mayor must know that St. John's county and the city would be hard pressed for money should they become  friends of ALIEN CRIMINALS , for they WILL be assessed  a loose of Federal... and now I hear,  STATE grants as well. 
1 hour ago
You are welcome to start picking your own potatoes once all the "alien criminals" are evicted from St Johns County. 
42 minutes ago
David Cash
Sanctuary cities are illegal. They put the law abiding citizens of these communities in danger. I would hope and expect that we dont go down that rabbit hole.