Sunday, May 30, 2021

Read List of Former Florida Attorney General PAMELA JO BONDI's BALLARD PARTNERS Lobbying Clients

Florida Attorney General PAMELA JO BONDI wrote in 2014 federal court papers that Gay Marriage would cause "public harm."  

Later part of TRUMP's impeachment defense, bumptious bigoted pettifogger PAM BONDI is now part of the "dream team," a partner in BALLARD PARTNERS lobbying firm. She's been Qatar's registered foreign agent and is currently still a registered lobbyist for many organizations and wealthy people.  

Here is her firm's lobbying client list:. Registrant ID
Client Name House ID
Africell Holding 434770054
Alden Torch Financial, LLC 434770133 434770008
American Health Care Association 434770007
American Road & Transportation Builders Association 434770010
Anderson Kill P.C. (for certain plaintiffs in "9/11" litigation) 434770083
Andrew Lee 434770223
Asset Investment Group LLC 434770227
Atlantic Sapphire, USA, LLC 434770190
Automated HealthCare Solutions 434770213
Aviator Capital Management, LLC 434770176
Bellini Better World Foundation 434770212
BeSafe Industries, LLC 434770201
Blue Skies Aerospace Group 434770103
Boxercraft, Inc. 434770197
Broward College Foundation 434770149
Caplin Family Offices 434770181
Capture Collective, Inc. 434770219 Foundation 434770131
Children's Hospital Association 434770052
Citizens for a Secure and Safe America 434770067
Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) 434770024
City of Jacksonville 434770025
City of Miami Beach, Florida 434770059
City of Pensacola 434770062
City of Winter Haven 434770226
CKP a division of Brown and Brown Florida Inc. 434770142
Clarity Value 434770216
Colonial Management Group, LP 434770071
Contura, Inc. 434770218
Curative, Inc. 434770222
Delaware North Companies Gaming & Entertainment, Inc. 434770182
Detroit International Bridge Company, Inc. 434770081
Dish Network, LLC 434770012
DoorDash, Inc. 434770231
DraftKings, Inc. 434770159
F.E.B. Corp. 434770021
FanDuel, Inc. 434770160
FarmaceuticalRX of PA, LLC 434770225
Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company 434770203
Flagler Health+ 434770154
Freedom for All Americans 434770229
Friends of Miami Dade College 434770146
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. 434770141
General Motors LLC 434770111
Getaround, Inc. 434770170
HRB Tax Group, Inc. (formerly known as H&R Block, Inc.) 434770053 LLC 434770148
IMPACT 434770196
International Atlantic, LLC 434770210
Jacksonville Port Authority (previously through Alcalde & Fay) 434770030
JDR Management LLC 434770211
Jiko Technologies, Inc. 434770168
KRA Management LLC 434770224
Kreindler & Kreindler LLP (for certain plaintiffs in "9/11" litigation) 434770082
Laboratory Corporations of America Holdings 434770039
Lake Cumberland Marina LLC 434770147
Lakeside Bluffs Group LLC 434770208
Lathrop Gage LLP 434770056
Len-Angeline LLC 434770097
Leonardo DRS, Inc. 434770074
Major League Baseball 434770124
Mark43, Inc. 434770214
Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. 434770125
MCI, LC 434770194
Miami-Dade County Public Schools 434770036
Millennium Physician Group LLC 434770162
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. 434770084
Nanobiosym Diagnostics, Inc. 434770195
Naomi Campbell 434770228
NextEra Energy, Inc./Florida Power and Light Company 434770001
North Broward Hospital District d/b/a Broward Health 434770114
NOVA Southeastern University 434770057
Okaloosa County, FL 434770155
On Demand Holdings, Inc. 434770158
Origin Logistics, LLC 434770188
Paul M. Harden (on behalf of the City of Jacksonville) 434770209
Pernod Ricard USA., LLC 434770016
Potomac Center North, Inc. 434770189
Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County (on behalf of Jackson Health Systems) 434770075
Pulaski Law Firm, PLLC (on behalf of Business Interruption Group) 434770204
RAI Services Company (FKA- RAISC) 434770006
Reef Global, Inc. 434770215
Renew Financial Group LLC 434770156
Republic Services Procurement, Inc. 434770117
RIL USA 434770115
RocketVax AG 434770221
Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida 434770017
Saint Leo University 434770220
SAS Institute Inc. 434770230
Seal Shield, LLC 434770185
Sentry Data Systems 434770078
SharkNinja Operating LLC 434770178
SI Group Client Services 434770118
Singani 63 434770085
Sky Boat LLC 434770022
Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, LLC 434770199
Standard Industries 434770180
Swire Properties, Inc. 434770207
Tampa General Hospital 434770165
Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority 434770217
The Boeing Company 434770106
The Mosaic Company 434770027
Trulieve 434770055
U.S Sugar Corporation 434770002
University of Miami 434770038
USA Freedom LLC 434770157
Varian Medical Systems 434770080
Zeta Global 434770179

Friday, May 28, 2021

Editorial: Voters deserve answers on the Capitol riots. Mike Waltz and John Rutherford voted against that. Why? (DBNJ & St. Augustine Record)

I once held out hope for Michael George Glen Waltz, the first Green Beret elected to Congress, but he is proving to be no better than retromingent reactionary John Henry Rutherford, a tool of the febrile fool in Mar-a-lago. 

The two local Congressmen elected to represent St. Johns County in the 117th Congress have done a mighty poor job of it.  They BOTH voted against an independent Commission to investigate the January 6, 2021 attack on our Capitol and our democracy.  Share their shame.  

From St. Augustine Record and Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Voters deserve answers on the Capitol riots. Mike Waltz and John Rutherford voted against that. Why?

News-Journal editorial board

The Jan. 6 attack on the nation’s Capitol unfolded before the public eye, and Americans still could not believe what they were seeing.

More:Volusia, Flagler officials condemn MAGA storming of U.S. Capitol

They saw people dressed in patriotic clothing and red hats tearing down police barricades and scaling the wall to a high-perched balcony. They saw photos of people posing for selfies inside Nancy Pelosi’s trashed office and video of marauders rifling through desks on the Senate floor. They heard rioters screaming for various representatives — everyone from Pelosi to Sen. Ted Cruz — to come out and face their wrath, with some threatening instant lynching. They heard reports that some people had been seriously injured, even killed. Eventually, they learned that five had died.

Joe Biggs, bottom left, in gray and black checked jacket, marches at the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, in this photo shared in a Department of Justice affidavit supporting Biggs' arrest.

And they read tweets and Facebook posts from their own Congressmen. Most condemned the attackers. Many called on President Donald Trump to quell the violence — a call he resisted for hours.

Now, some of these same lawmakers are resisting their own constituents’ call to have a full, bipartisan public examination of the events of that terrible day. We were shocked to see our own Rep. Mike Waltz among those who voted “no” last week when the proposal was up for a vote in the House. That’s because we remember Waltz, a former Green Beret, describing how he crouched down on the floor of the House chamber as rioters pounded at the door, and how he recognized the smell of tear gas wafting through the chamber door. Among the Florida delegation, only two Republicans — Carlos Jimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar — voted in favor of the commission.

U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz speaks on Fox News after rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol

Don't Republicans want to know how protesters came to be in possession of tear gas? How they knew which offices to storm? Why they got in so easily, who their leaders were, and how (or if) the event was orchestrated?

How could they vote against the truth?

A thin blue line flag is held by a protester as Trump supporters fight with police during the Capitol riots on Jan. 6, 2021.

We don’t understand it, and we certainly deplore it. This was a shocking, dark day in the history of this nation — an affront to democracy on par with the assassination of a president, and it hit home particularly hard when a Volusia . Americans need to know how this happened. Who led the mob, and who was complicit. They deserve answers.

Rioters attack the Capitol on Jan. 6 in Washington.

They likely won’t get those answers from the criminal investigations that are underway. Protesters are taking plea deals that will obscure the details of their misdeeds.. Lawyers will haggle over which evidence can be presented at trial. A great deal of the evidence will never see the light of day.

With the support of 37 courageous Republican representatives, the bill has passed the House. Now it’s over to the Senate, where there are very credible threats of a filibuster — something Republicans will condone, because they saw their House counterparts voting “no.” Sen. Marco Rubio has already said, publicly, that he thinks the commission is a “joke."

We’d like to know what he finds so funny. Because this is no joking matter. These senators need to hear from their own constituents that a vote to bury the truth will incur the wrath of Floridians. And they need to see their House counterparts take the heat they deserve for their vote to cloak reality in darkness..

Americans should demand the truth. They deserve it.