Saturday, December 12, 2020

REMEMBER THESE TEN FLORIDA REPUBLICANS: Florida AG, Nine Florida Congressmen, Supported Kooky Texas Trump Case in U.S. Supreme Court

I don't wish any bad luck to nine amoral, misguided Florida Republican Congressmen, to wit MICHAEL GEORGE GLEN WALTZ,  JOHN HENRY RUTHERFORD, MATTHEW LOUIS GAETZ, II,  GUS BILIRAKIS, MARIO DIAZ-BALART, NEAL P. DUNN, M.D., TED S. YOHO, MOSS SPANO, or to  Florida Attorney General ASHLEY BROOKE MOODY.

But the next time these Ten Dull Republicans choose to run for office, I hope that Flori-DUH's citizens will ask every single one of them why they joined in a bad faith amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs filed by a final total of some 126 Congressmen and some sixteen Attorneys General in the Supreme Court of the United States in the strange case of Texas v. Pennsylvania, a malicious, mendacious, maladroit, unscholarly  effort by the indicted Texas Attorney General to invalidate more than 20,000,000 votes of fellow Americans.  (Texas AG Kenneth Paxton apparently seeks a Trump pardon on fraud charges).

The Texas v. Florida lawsuit was filed as an "original action," with states suing states.  Original actions are limited to cases where states dispute boundaries or water rights.  Texas sought to overturn an election, falsely asserting facts not proved in other courts, while falsely claiming injuries that did not exist. 

'Snowflakes, go hide your heads in shame.

Don't lecture trial lawyers about "frivolous lawsuits," ever again. 

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