Thursday, September 28, 2023

Another Environmental Justice Victory: City buys 6.5 acres of pristine San Sebastian River waterfront property for $1.935 million

It takes a village.

Good news; another environmental justice victory!  

Our Nation's Oldest City's Florida Avenue and Julia Street neighborhood is getting a new park.  

An area long neglected, due to environmental racism, is grateful for the land acquisition.

Congratulations to City Commissioners, including Cynthia Garris and Barbara Blonder.

There were two appraisals, and the seller agreed to to pay the price found by the City's appraisal, $1.935 million, which is perhaps a tad much, but the neighbors are happy and so are we all.  I do hope the City obtains Florida Forever funding.

While the City of St. Augustine is paying closing costs, it oddly let the seller pick the title company, either Estate Title or Knight Berry Title. 

Wonder why?  

The party who pays the vendor typically picks the vendor in real estate transactions.  

Except, in our area, some mismanaged municipal governments apparently pay for the title insurance and let the seller pick the title insurance company.  

Wonder why?  

Do our local municipalities have a well-deserved reputation as developer doormats?

What do you reckon?

Anyway, celebrate the victory.

With maladroit mis-managers like St. Augustine City Manager DAVID DOUGLAS BIRCHIM in high-paid management jobs, what do you expect?

You tell me.

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