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ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN:Ron DeSantis rips ‘anti-American’ rich, wants ‘scrutiny’ of foundations. (A. G. Gancarski, Florida Politics)

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From 2013-2018, snooty Ivy League educated automaton RONALD DION DeSANTIS was our Congressman from St. Johns County. Now he's Florida's bumptious Boy Governor, and he wants to be President.  Unhinged, uncouth, unkind arachnid authoritarian DeSANTIS sounds like Joe McCarthy in drag. Give it a rest, you rebarbative retromingent Dull Republican, you sound like an alien implant from the Tea Party and Koch Industries. DeSANTIS was an insecure baseball player. Now he's an insecure Dull Republican Boy Governor.  Needs a checkup from the neck up, perhaps? From Florida Politics:

DeSantis rips ‘anti-American’ rich, wants ‘scrutiny’ of foundations. 

(A. G. Gancarski, Florida Politics

The Governor responded to an 'interesting question' about generationally wealthy 'pieces of trash' and 'commie scum' in a podcast this week.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is fulminating about rich people he went to college with, calling them “legacies” who were “anti-American” despite having material advantages he did not.

“The folks that had been legacies from these universities or came from some of those multigenerational families of wealth, they tended to be the ones who were the most anti-American and were most left-wing in their activism,” the Governor told podcaster Jesse Kelly.

DeSantis contrasted his “blue-collar” roots with some wealthier peers, finding irony in their willingness to question an economic system that benefited them.

“So, it’s interesting because they would fashion themselves as, like, standing up for the working people that I was one of those working people making minimum wage jobs to skate through. And I actually believed in the values of this country, and they had benefited so much from it, and they turned their back on it.”

The Governor’s comments were spurred by host Kelly asking about “useless commie scum,” referring to scions of the FordWalt Disney, and Chase fortunes being “pieces of trash,” which DeSantis called an “interesting question.”

“If you look at some of these foundations like the Ford Foundation (and) some of these others, they were really (created by) great industrialists of the past, and now you go a few generations forward, and they are funding massive funding of hard left causes that are functionally anti-American and anti-the values that allowed their families to accumulate that wealth in the first place.”

“I’ve said that those organizations are things that we should look at for scrutiny because they get massive tax benefits. They don’t really pay taxes, and yet they’re really having a major political impact,” DeSantis lamented.

DeSantis predicated his presidential campaign on being a blue-collar boy who made it. While he may not have generational wealth yet, he’s well on his way after a bestselling book. His last reported net worth to Florida was a tidy $1,174,331.07.

A.G. Gancarski

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Sam said...

Meanwhile the conservatives endorse money hoarding and low taxes. The economic policies that they favor created the super rich. Haven't heard him mention Rick Scott getting rich off people's medical needs and of course Trump ran to cut his own taxes and did. Half of them empty suits and other half there to be lawyers for the rich on Capitol Hill.

George said...

Republicans never responsible for anything bad that happens. You notice that? They always blame the Dems. So sit back in an empty suit, let police handle everything, and anything bad that happens blame Democrats.