Friday, May 31, 2024

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Gov. Ron DeSantis disputes Donald Trump guilty verdict by 'kangaroo court' (First Coast News)

In 1976, then Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter said, "I see no reason why big shot crooks should go free, and the poor ones go to jail."DJT is a big shot crook.  He has a sense of entitlement that boggles the mind.  Like other immoral other-directed Republicans, our former Congressman, RONALD DION DeSANTIS, lies with impunity to support his Kulturkampf Klub.  Boring and predictable, a louche lapdog for the rich and powerful big-shot crooks.  From First Coast News:

Gov. Ron DeSantis disputes Donald Trump guilty verdict by 'kangaroo court' in statement

The governor blamed "leftists," "liberal enclaves" and called the verdict a "political debasement of the justice system in places like New York City."

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis has harshly rebuked Donald Trump's guilty verdict Thursday, where the former president was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records.

DeSantis courted the endorsement of Trump in 2018, often seen as crucial in his primary victory over Adam Putnam, an endorsement Trump said he later regretted. The former president constantly belittled and criticized the Florida governor on the campaign trail. 

After dropping out in January, DeSantis endorsed Trump, vowing to fundraise for Trump.

The governor posted on X after the verdict was released:

"Today’s verdict represents the culmination of a legal process that has been bent to the political will of the actors involved: a leftist prosecutor, a partisan judge and a jury reflective of one of the most liberal enclaves in America—all in an effort to “get” Donald Trump.

That this case—involving alleged misdemeanor business records violations from nearly a decade ago—was even brought is a testament to the political debasement of the justice system in places like New York City. This is especially true considering this same district attorney routinely excuses criminal conduct in a way that has endangered law-abiding citizens in his jurisdiction.

It is often said that no one is above the law, but it is also true that no one is below the law. If the defendant were not Donald Trump, this case would never have been brought, the judge would have never issued similar rulings, and the jury would have never returned a guilty verdict.

In America, the rule of law should be applied in a dispassionate, even-handed manner, not become captive to the political agenda of some kangaroo court."

In his first comments after the verdict, the former president repeated many of the claims he's made throughout the trial, calling it a "disgrace" and "rigged," while lashing out at the judge. 

Trump's sentencing is set for July 11, four days before the Republican National Convention.



Roy said...

Dishonest Republicans continue to make a grave error by supporting Donald Trump. He will only be impeached and/or jailed upon conviction for his crime spree if by some twist of fate he did get elected. I guess they figure all this is good because it gives conservative Karens something to be upset about. Apparently the GOP benefits from having something to complain about non nonstop. In the case of Trump, they play off his persecution complex after he commits crime!!! And when others get elected because of their stupidity, they get to complain about what the Dems do for years on end. Crying, screaming, rolling around on the floor, that's a good time to conservatives.

Matt said...

Well then all the courts in conservative areas are kangaroo courts along with every juror in those areas. It's funny how the lower classes will get all kinds of jail time day in and day out but it's the end of the world and it's all corrupt when a Republican fat cat is even convicted for anything. And he's probably not even gonna do jail time and they're still pissed. Not very honest to call a court "a kangaroo court" when there's no proof or evidence for political prosecution. A jury convicted him so Republicans have contempt for our justice system. It's THEM who has no business in the justice system or in government if that's how they really are.

Matt said...

It's always someone else's fault when orange Hilter commits crime. DeSantis has no integrity and his governorship is just as much a scam as Trump's presidency. It's all phoney baloney propaganda, smoke and mirrors, political theater, and puff and fluff. Him and Rubio are empty suits and full of shit. Rick Scott is a fraud as well.