Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2002 Letter to the Editor of the Record re: County Commissioners STERN AND MAGUIRE Plans to Eviscerate Guana

Letter: Developers still rule
Mike Smith
St. Augustine
Published Monday, December 23, 2002

Editor: Here we go, barely a month into the "new" commission and already they are eyeing destruction of parts of Guana. There were rebuttals to the letter I wrote to The Record prior to the election telling us sending Maguire and Stern up there would be a mistake. Hmmm. The commission was already stacked with developer lackeys. Now it's nearly unanimous. R.I.P. Guana, we will miss you. Obviously a road to Nocatee is more important, (I thought developers were supposed to have all this covered before being permitted?) Parking and beach access in Ponte Vedra Beach, we knew the big money would again get its way over the citizenry but we had to take a shot.

How many unnecessary developments will the slash-and-burn crowd get rubberstamped over the next two years? Oh well, like the man said "rich people been stickin' it to poor people since the beginning, always have, always will."

St. Johns County continues to be living proof.It is becoming more and more apparent unless you are a Ponte Vedra Beach millionaire or a deep pockets developer your needs and concerns rate little or no attention to this "new and improved" commission.

Growth is inevitable" and "smart growth" are politician euphemisms for campaign contributions and post "serving" perks.

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