Tuesday, May 31, 2011

St. Augustine Underground Reports on False Arrest by Feds at Behest of St. Johns County Sheriff, in Retaliation for Concerns About Hate Websites

The June issue of the St. Augustine Underground has exposed MICHAEL GOLD’s hate websites, including the related recent false arrest of a local “activist” who dared criticize Sheriff DAVID SHOAR and hold him accountable for his promises about asking GOLD to “knock it off” – e.g., GOLD’s libel of people speaking at public comment during public meetings – libel on Republican apparatchik and bagman’s MICHAEL GOLD’s hate websites.

The Milwaukee Journal’s new venture is giving the St. Augustine Record some needed competition. In its June issue, the St. Augustine Underground reports that everything it and other local news media were told by the Sheriff’s Department about the Tennessee Supreme Court was false, including the false account of a phantom Tennessee Supreme Court justice planning to hold a “hearing” on my “extradition” about a non-existent “warrant.”

The Underground reports about how SHERIFF SHOAR misused the power of the Justice Department -- United States Marshals showed up and arrested the activist (that would be me) at the behest of the St. Johns County Sheriff, DAVID SHOAR. There was no warrant.

The article ends, “to be continued…..”

Will the WRecKord recant its libel and print the truth? Will we be hearing from MORRIS PUBLISHING’s insurance adjuster? Will Sheriff SHOAR apologize? Will MICHAEL GOLD recant from his hate websites and stop trying to pretend he is a journalist?

What do y’all reckon?

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