Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Halt "Temple Destroyers" Forever -- St. Augustine National Historical Park and Seashore Will Preserve and Protect Guana

The St. Augustine National Historical Park and Seashore will preserve and protect the Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Reserve (GTM-NERR), formerly Guana State Park.
Check out the array of archived government documents, articles and letters below.
Drawing a line in the sand, we shall, in Sir Winston Spencer Churchill’s words, “Fight them on the beaches.”
If developer-driven politicians like BRUCE MAGUIRE, KAREN STERN, et al. had their way, there would have been a string of Serenata Beach Resort style condos ruining GTM-NERR.
They were halted when they tried to re-route SR A1A in the 2004-2005 time frame. But like an elephant, Temple Destroyers never forget.
Let’s put GTM-NERR in a lockbox and preserve and protect it forever, along with some ten other state parks, Water Management District land, and private donations and purchases.
Wonder why the hate websites ululate against the park, making obscene personal attacks against those who support it?
Look no further than the WHETSTONE-MAGUIRE family, which supported hate site operator MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a “MICHAEL TOBIN” in his unsuccessful campaign for City Commission. The only GOLD signs seen in St. Augustine were in commercial properties owned by the WHETSTONE-MAGUIRE family. BRUCE MAGUIRE led the fight to try to destroy Guana.
These lugubrious goobers would evidently “rather fight than switch,” and prefer high-rises to wildlife.
The great American naturalist John Muir called such trivial people “temple destroyers.” He wrote: “That anyone would try to destroy [Hetch Hetchy Valley] seems; incredible; but sad experience shows that there are people good enough and bad enough for anything. The proponents of the dam scheme bring forward a lot of bad arguments to prove that the only righteous thing to do with the people’s parks is to destroy them bit by bit as they are able. Their arguments are curiously like those of the devil, devised for the destruction of the first garden. . . . These temple destroyers, devotees of ravaging commercialism, seem to have a perfect contempt for Nature, and, instead of lifting their eyes to the God of the mountains, lift them to the Almighty Dollar.”

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