Friday, May 06, 2011

Hate Site Operator MICHAEL GOLD is St. Augustine Republican Media and Communications Committee Chair

See below. What do you reckon? MICHAEL GOLD f/k/a "MICHAEL TOBIN," hate site operator of Historic City Media, and, is: (A) Republican Club Media and Communications Chair; (B) top political hatchetman for the local Republican political machine; and (C) operating racist, sexist, misognyist, homophobic hate websites.

Can't you feel the love coming from these Republicans? That's the love that dare not say its name -- the love of fascism, McCarthyism and Know-Nothingism.

When the local Republicans' hitman commits Lashon hora, abuses the web for six years and calls for physical violence, blacklisting, kidnapping and murder, it's not funny.

It's a tort, a crime and a sin.

What do you reckon?

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