Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for PAUL WILLIAMSON, City PR rep, to learn to treat citizens with dignity, respect and consideration

At last Wednesday's meeting with the Department of the Interior on the federal 450th Commission, City PR director PAUL WILLIAMSON showed a lack of manners, cutting of a constructive public comment in response to the Mayor's question about federal open meeting laws. WILLIAMSON should read and heed the Record's editorial below.

PAUL WILLAMSON is as dour a public relations person as ever made a chair squeak.

For years, he would call Record and Margo Pope during Commission meetings, using his cellular telephone to emit snide comments about public participation.

His bad behavior on Monday showed that he has no interest in public participation.

In response to my questions this morning about his behavior and how he saw his role as "facilitator," his lack of self-insight was stunning: "Pretty good," he said.

PAUL WILLIAMSON has no right to condescend to citizens, or insult us. We have a right to participate in meetings pursuant to Article I, Section 24 of the Florida Constitution (our Sunshine and Open Records laws), enacted by votes of 3.9 million Florida voters (82% of the vote).

Controversial City Manager WILLIAM HARRISS is gone. If WILLIAMSON won't treat people right, he should follow HARRIS out the door, too.

Never again should PAUL WILLIAMSON be called upon to facilitate anything -- he has contempt for democracy and no respect for public participation.

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