Monday, April 25, 2016

Charges Dropped in "Trespass" At School for Peaceful Picketing on Public Sidewalk

All charges were dropped late this afternoon -- Monday April 25, 2016 -- in the case of State of Florida v. Jeffrey Gray. The notice of No Information was filed by Assistant Assistant State's Attorney Benjamin C. Rich, Jr. Mr. Gray was represented by St. Augustine defense lawyer Thomas Elijah Cushman.

Mr. Gray was arrested at the behest of School Superintendent JOSEPH JOYNER by deputies of Sheriff DAVID BERNERD SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR" for picketing on a sidewalk in front of his son's school, St. Johns County High School.

Wbat's next?

FBI criminal investigation and civil lawsuits? Mr. Gray's rights were violated by Sheriff DAVID SHOAR

In a statement e-mail to this blog, Mr. Gray stated: "I have proof of criminal activities committed by St. Johns County School District employees yet the St. Johns County School Board ignores their own criminal conduct while attempting to criminalize me because I refuse to stop exercising my constitutionally protected rights. I am happy to see that the State Attorneys Office refuses to play along with the School Board's effort to trample our Civil Liberties."

Jeff Gray (HonorYourOath, PINAC)
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