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SEX DISCRIMINATION: PZA Withdraws Karen Zander Recommendation

Shameful people inhabit the PZA and SJC Board of County Commissioners -- blatant sex discrimination by all-white, all-male, all-Republican PLanning and Zoning Agency reversing recommendation of Karen Zander, an independent-minded registered independent woman member of the St. Augustine Beach Planning and Zoning Board. Next stops: St. Johns County Commission. After that: federal court? FBI and EEOC investigations?

What do you reckon?

As expected, the all-white, all-male, all-Republican St. Johns County Planning and Zoning Agency (PZA) voted Thursday, April 7, 2016 to endorse one of their former colleagues, erstwhile Republican candidate for Property Appraiser BRADLEY NELSON, who withdrew from the race after being told by developers that they were supporting EDDIE CREAMER, another Republican.

NELSON had previously endorsed Ms. Karen Zander, a realtor® and member of the St. Augustine Beach Planning and Zoning Board.

Controversial St. Johns County Commissioner JOHN H. MORRIS (R-Ponte Vedra Beach) let the cat out of the bag in February, when he admitted to telephonic and e-mail ex parte contacts from PZA Chair RICHARD WILLIAMS, saying the PZA wanted NELSON back (without a meeting, hence a Sunshine violations). The St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners has not yet provided the inculpatory e-mail in quo.

Machiavellian, malfeasant, mendacious, maladroit, JAY MORRIS (whose son is a builder) admitted "I'd do anything to see BRAD NELSON reappointed.

MORRIS is a former EVP of unethical RPM International, which agreed to pay more than $60,000,000 for false claims against the federal government, state governments and local governments involving defective and overpriced roofing materials, leading to leaky roofs and ripoffs around the Nation, including five in Florida (one at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville).

Watch the PZA discussion here (click on item 2).

Karen Zander

Political chicanery and sexism in the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners in blocking appointment of a new woman appointee recommend by the Planning and Zoning Agency (PZA)?

The St. Augustine Record's investigation printed February 19, 2016 supports my conclusion.

On December 17, 2015, the St. Johns County Planning and Zoning Agency voted and recommended to the St. Johns County Commission that St. Augustine Beach Realtor® Karen Zander be appointed a member of the PZA to succeed Brad Nelson, who resigned.

On February 16, 2016, St. Johns County Commissioners had a heated discussion and a 4-1 vote to postpone action, with Commissioner JOHN H. "JAY" MORRIS saying he would "do anything" to see that Brad Nelson got back on the PZA, with staff falsely claiming that Ms. Zander's application was "late."  No proof was provided.

What's going on here?

Brad Nelson, Certus Appraisal Group President, resigned from PZB and ran for County Property Appraiser as a Republican.

Nelson supported and encouraged Karen Zander to apply for his vacant position.

Then Nelson dropped out of the race.

Nelson continued to support Ms. Zander's application for PZA:

Then on Friday, February 12, 2016 (Lincoln's Birthday), Nelson wrote Ms. Zander an e-mail and said he changed his mind, stating inter alia:

On Feb 12, 2016, at 4:16 PM, Brad Nelson <> wrote:
I feel really bad about this, after encouraging you to apply, but I really appreciate your willingness to step aside.  
After thinking about this for a few days, and discussing it with my wife and some of the commissioners, I believe that I would like to go back on the PZA.  So I wanted you to know that I have submitted my application.  Please feel free to call me if you want to discuss this.
Brad Nelson
(904) 910-7176

Then on Monday, February 15, 2016 (President's Day), Nelson applied (late) for the position from which he resigned.

Then yesterday, at the February 16, 2016 meeting, false statements were made that Ms. Zander's application was "late."

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