Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Toxic Comm'r LSA FREMAN Civil Rights Violation II: Taxis

Toxic City Commissioner LEANA SOPHIA AMARU FREEMAN wants to ban taxicabs older tha ten years or with more than 250,000 miles. She pushed and cajoled fellow commissioners, except for Mayor Nancy Shaver, to support a request to draft an ordinance.
Mayor Shaver waned to regulate safety, healthy and inspections, but not age or mileage.
At the behest of would-be monopolist SAX TAXI and its drivers (five scripted public comment speakers, including the owner of SAX), LSA FREEMAN advanced their agenda.
Mayor Shaver was the only voice of reason.
There are cabs on the road with hundreds of thousands of miles on them that are only two years old, and they are running fine.
There are others that are squeaking hulks: the City does not do a good job of inspections.
The City also does not run background investigations.
As I told LSA FREEMAN after the meeting, "the plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data.'"
The City Attorney will now prepare an ordinance -- with public comment denied on First reading "hearing" next month -- yet another unconstitutional relic of corrupt ex-City Manager WILLIAM BARRY HARRIS.
Enough oppression from the likes of louche LEANNA S.A. FREEMAN. It's time for her to be voted out of office.

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