Thursday, April 21, 2016

Deny Demolition Permit for 32 Granada Street

Update: ARBIZANNI was a no-show. He's hired attorney SIDNEY FRANKLYN ANSBACHER (L.LM. Arkansas) of UPCHURCH, BAILEY & UPCHURCH.

Demolition applicant JOHN ARBIZANNI, left, with Christy and Len Weeks

Item 6. B on the HARB agenda for today at 1 PM, thanks to Capt. Lee Geanuleas (U.S.N., Retired)
L. John Arbizzani – Applicant
32 Granada Street: To demolish a building older than fifty years, recorded on the Florida Master Site File, and not located in a local or national register district constructed by 1899.
It's the unique purple house on Granada Street a few doors north of the Corazon Theater and appears to be in CL-1 zoning.
The owner states the "intended use" as single family home. Per SJCo.Property Appraiser website, the owner's homesteaded residence is a large water-front home outside the city limits.
As we have recently learned, it really doesn't matter what the applicant says, it only matters what the zoning allows. And once demolished, CL-1 zoning certainly does not limit the use to a single family home. 
Parking lot anyone? 
And, so it goes....

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