Tuesday, April 12, 2016

UNCOUTH CORNEAL ATTACKS ACTIVIST B.J. KALAIDI, Retaliation for Fair Housing Complaint on "Female Student" Advertising Sign at 108 Bridge Street

On April 11, 2016, louche lawyer SETH CORNEAL made an inappropriate public personal attack on citizen-activist B.J. Kalaidi in retaliation for her having filed a Fair Housing Act complaint. Wonder why?

Our friend, Ms. B.J. Kalaidi has been a St. Augustine community activist for more than two decades. Read old St. Augustine City Commission minutes and you will find that she has been the voice of reason and sanity at every opportunity, speaking against waste, fraud, abuse, misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, flummery, dupery, nincompoopery, racism, sexism and no-bid contracts. She cares deeply about our town, and is one of the activists who make this town a better place.

MS. B.J. Kalaidi had a hearing before St. Augustine City Commissioners April 11, 2016 on her Fair Housing complaint against DAVID BARTON CORNEAL. This was the first-ever Fair Housing Act complaint ever filed under the City's ordinance, adopted circa 1964.

The issue turned on CORNEAL's posting a sign offering housing for "female students" at 108 Bridge Street, an illegal act under the City's ordinances. Commissionerz voted 4-0 to find that Ms. Kalaidi lacked legal "standing" because she suffered no cognizable injury. (Mayor Nancy Shaver recused herself, having filed a similar complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).

Bully developer-lawyer DAVID BARTON CORNEAL did not appear or testify.

His son, SETH CORNEAL, a pal of Commissioner TODD NEVILLE, testified, and attacked Ms. Kslaidi personally. Not one Commissioner, including Vice Mayor ROXANNE HORVATH and Commissioners NANCY SIKES-KLINE, LEANNA FREEMAN or TODD NEVILLE, corrected CORNEAL's personal attack, seeming to take pleasure in it. SETH CORNEAL, like his fatuous father, is a bully. His ungallant attack on one of the heroic citizen activists helping transform our community, shows that he is beneath contempt. This joyless corporate lawyer opined that Ms. Kalaidi's valid concerns about discriminatory housing advertising in our Lincolnville community were a "waste of time" and "he would rather be spending time with [his] daughter." Smarmy, self-indulgent, self-referential supercilious SETH CORNEAL is the rental agent for his father. SETH CORNEAL was the nearly-silent lawyer for ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS in 2014 after WEEKS destroyed a 211-year old Spanish colonial structure, DON PEDRO FORNELLS HOUSE, at 62A Spanish Street; WEEKS is CORNEAL's commercial landlord.

Unscholarly SETH CORNEAL cited no cases.

SETH CORNEAL offered no apology.

SETH CORNEAL did not agree to sign a conciliation agreement.

What a maniacal jerk -- typical self-aggrandizing narcissistic corporate lawyer.

Unlike Ms. Kalaidi, the CORNEALS, father and son, are takers, not givers. Their chauvinistic attack on Ms. Kalaidi -- like DAVID BARTON CORNEAL's insulting me and stomach-bumping me last year outside a HARB meeting -- shows that, pound for pound, those two pretentious political-lawyer parvenus are two of the most loathsome louche people to infest St. Augustine, Florida since oil monopolist Henry Flagler brought his corrupt oil money here in the 1880s and genocidal murderer Pedro Menendez de Aviles founded our town in 1565.


Tom Reynolds said...

Tom Reynolds
To Roxanne Horvath Leanna Freeman Luke Kline Todd Neville Isabelle Lopez
CC Nancy Shaver Commissioner Jeb Smith Commissioner Bill McClure Commissioner James K. Johns Commissioner Jay Morris and 4 more... Apr 11 at 4:56 PM
Tom Reynolds
To Todd Neville Roxanne Horvath Leanna Freeman Luke Kline Nancy Shaver Apr 11 at 3:40 PM
To: Elected Officials of City of St Augustine
From: Tom Reynolds
Re: Today s Housing Hearing

The City has not done the Complaint Investigation Properly.

1) Where is the Police Report ?
2) Where is the Volunteer Search Consent Paper signed by David Barton Corneal ?
3) Where is the background check done by the City of St Augustine Police Department ?

So let me get this straight.

1) David Barton Corneal a Lawyer was advertising rooms for rent to COLLEGE Girls Only.

2) A Lawyer, (Corneal) didn't know the Law when it comes to renting .

3) This Lawyer has only a 2.9 rating with the highest being 5.0 which means he has only a 58 out of a 100. He has a failing Grade among his peers.

4) The City Attorney didn't ask the Police to go over and ask if they can conduct a search of the vacant rooms and bathrooms for cameras or two way mirrors.

5) David Barton Corneal is from Penn State, where one of the Country s most notorious child predators, Jerry Sandusky is from.

David Barton Corneal meets the profile of a person who would meet the "person of interest" criteria if say for instance a College Student was found Murdered and or raped. I find your City Attorney negligent in conducting a complete investigation to meet what is in the General Public s best interest. To me, this story seems like the opening of a Forensic Files Story/Show.

Thank you,
Tom Reynolds

Horvath, Freeman, Kline, and Neville . So none of you had any problem when David Barton Corneal s son saying something way out of line about the person who filed the Housing Complaint ? Fishing ? As usual ? I think him and his Dad were fishing for College Girls when the put that sign out. Two lawyers didn't know better ? I think BJ is a hero for stopping this discrimination. But I think she quite possibly stopped a Rape and a murder from the friends of Jerry Sandusky. You four are GUTLESS sitting there and saying nothing.


Anonymous said...

any hidden cameras in those rental properties to capture the college gals as tenants in certain situations?