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Who is JOHN F. BRINSON? Obama-hating, Labor-baiting Retired Right-wing Bankrupt Businessman Stooge

File photo of John Brinson speaking at an event.
File photo of John Brinson speaking at an event.

Of late, the Record has printed columns and endless online rants from yet another Obama-hating rich guy, a former business owner, including an obnoxious Obamacare-hating column today.
So who is JOHN F. BRISON?
A new resident, JOHN F. BRINSON is a West Point graduate, former Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania insurance salesman and ex-owner of a bankrupt fitness club chain sued by the State Attorney General, obtaining refunds for members caught in the lurch when fitness clubs closed abruptly.
One-percenter JOHN F. BRINSON successfully sued the National Labor Relations Board for the 'right" not to inform his employes of their right to join a union.
Insurance huckster JOHN F. BRINSON sued NLRB, with pro malo legal help of a koo-koo right-wing fascist group (National Federation of Independent Business), to avoid notifying his employees with a National Labor Relations Board poster of their God-given National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) rights to engage in concerted protected activity with co-workers, to ask for better wages and working conditions, to engage in collective bargaining and perhaps even join a union.
When NLRB first required the poster, a local small business here in St. Augustine, for which I was CIO at the time, did the right thing, without argument, discussion or debate: the owners of Global Wrap ® LLC agreed to obey the NLRB rule.
So I printed out the poster and put it on the bulletin board.
No big deal.
Crybaby capitalist social dominator demagogue JOHN F. BRINSON and the redneck peckerwoods at NFIB: they went to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and the U.S. Court of Appeals to avoid putting up a poster informing workers of their sacred NLRA rights.
"No legal authority" to require employers to do it, the Appeals Court ruled.
That's bizarre.
Talk about litigious.
That's not "conservative."
It's kooky, the sort of "conservatism" shared by the John Birch Society and the Koo Koo Klan.
The St. Augustine Record long enforced a policy that locals' columns were only to be about local issues.
That policy has been exploded in a cascade of Jew-hating anti-Israel columns by a former CIA agent (who is still mad because the Mossad killed one of the Black September planners of the murders of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, who was one of the former CIA agents' informants).
In today's St. Augustine Record, BRINSON got a 600 word column because wants to take away your right to sue hospitals and doctors for compensatory damages for pain and suffering and for punitive damages for medical malpractice.
Not content to take away his workers rights' to information, he thinks he and other small-minded business owners should be able to stand in the Courthouse door and take away your right to justice, guaranteed by state and federal constitutions.
What a gauche louche lackey.
What a lugubrious goober.
What a nasty man.
BRINSON uses the word "socialist" twice, as if it were a pejorative, in his piece today.
Obamacare is actually the idea of the conservative Heritage Foundation, implemented in Massachussetts as Romneycare.
Obmacare empowers insurance companies, with no single payer option.
BRINSON is a former insurance salesman .
BRINSON received a B.S. degree from the United States Military Academy (West Point) -- a free, socialist education, with tuition, room, board, books, health care and incidentals paid for by the American  people.
As a beneficiary of a free, subsidized, "socialist" education, bristly JOHN F. BRINSON is opposed to "free" health care for his fellow citizens.
To paraphrase Marilyn Albright, "there's a special place in hell" for employers who want to keep their employees in the dark, and spend money on fancy corporate lawyers to do so.
In other words, JOHN F. BRINSON is a stiff-necked, slogan-chanting, labor-baiter, a union-buster, a one-percenter, an energumen.
That's who the right-wing Record routinely favors in its editorial decisions, whether choosing which biased articles to run, which twisted columnists to print, or which local readers' writings to run.
Here's the uncouth, unkind, unChristian goofy gooberish gibberish anti-government propaganda from BRINSON that the MORRIS COMMUNICATIONS owned St. Augustine Record editorial board chose to run this morning, only one Sunday after Easter, essentially calling on us to "kill" Obamacare, and thus "kill" some of our fellow Americans:

Guest Column: Obamacare: Kill it before it kills us
Posted: April 3, 2016 - 12:05am

St. Augustine
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare) does not protect patients and is not (sic) affordable. It is a colossal socialist failure.

If you don’t have group health insurance and have had to buy individual insurance through Obamacare, you are paying premiums that are double what they were before Obamacare took effect. Out-of-pocket costs for health care have tripled (sic). Taxpayers are subsiding (sic) the cost for about 11 million of the 13 million enrollees to the tune of $18 billion this year.

But the real cost to taxpayers is hidden in the budgets of all the federal agencies that have had to increase their numbers to deal with the administrative nightmare of Obamacare. Tax revenues are at an all-time high and the sequester is holding some costs down. So why is the annual deficit increasing to almost $1 trillion, pushing our national debt to almost $20 trillion? One reason is the horrendous complexity and cost of Obamacare. Is it worth it?

If you have a low-income and the government pays some or all of your premium, it may be worth it — until you find that you can’t afford the out-of-pocket costs. But there are real winners — people who, before Obamacare, could not get insurance because of pre-existing conditions. But we didn’t have to bankrupt (sic) the country to solve that problem. Thirty-five states had already solved the problem with their own substandard risk insurance pools.

Beyond those two examples, no one (sic) benefits from Obamacare; not even the 26-year-old “children” supposedly covered for free. Nothing is free, and everybody pays more for this mandate. Concerning mandates, there are several special overages in Obamacare that few want or need, but all must pay for.

How can we get out of this socialist nightmare and, at the same time, take care of the poor and those with pre-existing conditions? Just imagine, if:

■ People could buy health insurance of their choice, including coverages they want and excluding coverages they don’t want. Their choice.

■ Health insurance companies would be approved by states based only on their financial capacity and ability to pay claims, as specified in their policies. No state-mandated special coverages.

■ People could buy insurance across state lines and keep that insurance when relocating anywhere in the country.

■ People could choose co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket costs, with only voluntary policy limits from a number of good companies vying for their business.

■ People with individual insurance would receive the same tax treatment as people with employer group insurance, eliminating the abuse of individual taxpayers who are unfairly taxed on their premiums.

■ Health insurance would be guaranteed renewable, with premiums that could be increased only for all an insurance company’s insureds, irrespective of an individual’s claims or medical history. People who are substandard risks or uninsurable could obtain affordable insurance through subsidized substandard risk pools.

■ All medical providers would have to publicize their current fees for all treatments and procedures and those fees would be charged to all patients, regardless of their insurance coverage or lack of it. The same price for all. Full transparency.

■ Malpractice lawsuit awards would be for economic damages only, not for “pain and suffering” or ”punitive damages.”

Congress can do all this with only five simple bills that address: income tax fairness, insurance reforms, substandard risk pools, provider transparency and malpractice lawsuit reform. (That last one would be fought tooth and nail by the trial lawyers.)

The House of Representatives must act. No involvement by the federal government except enabling legislation and subsidies for substandard risk pools.

Brinson has sold and bought individual and group health insurance as an agent, broker and as owner of a small business with 250-plus employees.


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Thank you for the post about John Brinson, you are spot on. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for your post about John Brinson, you are spot on. Keep up the good work.