Monday, July 25, 2016

Board Chair Takes Fifth Amendment on Sheriff's Internal Affairs Investigation of WILLIAM JONES, SABCA President

GARY HOWELL, Chairman of the Anastasia Mosquito Control Commission of St. Johns County, refused to cooperate with St. Johns County Sheriff's Department investigation of alleged campaigning on Sheriff's Department time by WILLIAM JONES, St. Augustine Beach Civic Association (SABCA) President and process server for the St. Johns County Sheriff.

"I have no comment," HOWELL intoned. HOWELL is a former Sheriff's Department employee and one of the largest contributors to the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee.

"I have nothing to do with that," GARY HOWELL intoned.

Allegedly, WILLIAM JONES appeared in the HOWELL's living room, uninvited, and proceeded to tell them who to vote for -- and not to vote for -- in the upcoming elections. HOWELL had never met JONES before, and was driving his Sheriff's vehicle and wearing his embroidered Sheriff's golf shirt.

HOWELL would not explain why he invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. HOWELL would not explain why he refused to cooperate with the investigation of WILLIAM JONES by the Sheriff's Department Internal Affairs investigator, Michael Kunovich.

HOWELL is subject of a Florida Elections Commission complaint filed by government watchdog Thomas F. Reynolds, Jr.

Jeanne MOELLER defeated HOWELL for Mosquito Control Commissioner in 2006, repeated the term "MARSHMELLOW" in a debate with GARY HOWELL after GARY  HOWELL repeatedly referred to himself as a "MARSHMELLOW" after he was rightly criticized in editorials and debates for his unwillingness to take a stand on an illegal no-bid $1.8 million luxury Bell Jet helicopter (which We the People defeated in 2007, winning a refund).

One of three-right wing self-identified "Mosquiteers" raising partisan issues in a nonpartisan race (attacking President Obama), GARY HOWELL was the only one of the three who was elected in 2012.

Using typical underhanded dirty St. Johns County Republican campaign tactics, HOWELL won another non-consecutive term on the Mosquito Control Commission in 2012, narrowly defeating opponent Dr. Paul Linser, Ph.D., whom HOWELL called an "egghead and a queer."

Dr. Linser holds six academic appointments at the University of Florida (anatomy, cell biology, neuroscience, microbiology, cell science, entomology), Dr. Linseris an expert on environmentally friendly means of malaria and other mosquito-borne disease eradication, serving on a state coordinating committee, has a laboratory at Whitney Laboratory, runs the annual Gamble Rogers Folk Music Festival, is married, has grandchildren and a Saturday morning radio program on Flagler College WFCF, 88.5 FM, "Radio Free Oklawaha County."

UnAmerican, uncouth GARY HOWELL, a/k/a "MARSHMELLOW" no longer holds a sinecure. GARY HOWELL faces a tough re-election campaign against Mr. Harold Hardy, a Realtor® and tennis coach and an African-American.

GARY HOWELL's fellow "Mosquiteer," ROBERT THORNTON SMITH, helped close four universal primaries with five faux write-in candidates, violation the Fifteenth Amendment and Article VI, Section 5(b) of our Florida Constitution.

GARY HOWELL is a close friend and political associate of St. Johns County Executive Committee WILLIAM KORACH and Greater St. Augustine Republican Club Chair MARTIN MILLER, both outspoken racist homophobes. It was MILLER who called KRIS PHILLIPS' WFOY the morning of July 13, 2016, stating that the 49 Gays murdered in Orlando "got what they deserved.

GARY HOWELL and three (3) other Republican public officials attended St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee hate speech May 12, 2016 by Southwest Florida developer CARLOS BERUFF, Republican candidate for United States, in which BERUFF called President Barack Obama an "animal." Twice.

HOWELL was one of at least four local officials who attended the May 12, 2016 Republican Executive Committee meeting where billionaire developer CARLOS BEROFF twice called President Obama an "Animal."

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