Sunday, July 17, 2016

We need lobbying disclosure in St. Johns County

We need lobbying disclosure in St. Johns County.


Read about SUSAN WILES, the well-connected BALLARD PARTNERS lobbyist who got St. Johns County Administrator to put a referendum for slot machines on the agenda for the Tuesday, July 19, 2016 meeting, when slot machines are not even legal here.

Not even legal -- while the Florida Supreme Court is expected to rule on it "this summer," the next Florida Supreme Court decisions will not be issued until August 25, 2016 according to the Clerk's office (I called on Thursday, July 14th).

Hence, corrupt St. Johns County is putting the cart before the horse.

Check out all the fat contributions from lobbyists and corporations involved in gambling over the years, going to Commissioners, et al.

Corrupt one-party Republi-KLAN government has its consequences: other-directed scoundrels want to inflict another referendum on us, without any basis in law.

Enough corruption in St. Johns County.

If it's not legal to have slot machines in St. Johns County, why would we vote on it?

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