Monday, July 18, 2016

Controversial Prosecutor CHRIS FRANCE Named Judge By Governor RICHARD LYNN SCOTT


It's official, and he's already taken the oath of office: controversial St. Johns County prosecutor CHRIS FRANCE has been named a Circuit Judge by Governor RICHARD LYNN SCOTT.

This stinks.

Controversial maladroit mediocre prosecutor CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY FRANCE was State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA's chief assistant state's attorney for St. Johns County during the Michelle O'Connell shooting coverup.

CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY FRANCE has no more business being a Florida judge than Incitatus had being a Roman Senator -- Emperor Caligula's horse, whom Caligula named a member of the Roman Senate and reportedly housed in a marble stable, with ivory manger, purple blankets, a jewel-encrusted horse-collar, fed oats mixed with gold flakes.

CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY FRANCE, who resides in Palatka, is as lugubrious a goober as ever made a chair squeak.

This latest North Flori-DUH undeserved prosecutorial "social promotion" to judge personifies the Peter Principle -- promotion to maximum incompetence. Pity those poor Volusia County litigants.

Judges in this Circuit do not have law clerks (attorney-advisors-researchers), which means JUDGE CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY FRANCE will likely be a louche lackey, adopting whatever legal arguments are made by the litigants he might favor, particularly his longtime boss, State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA.

At least CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY FRANCE's undeserved judicial appointment vastly increases the re-election chances of an actual qualified candidate, Volusia County Circuit Court Judge Anastasia Warren, widow of legendary 7th Judicial Circuit elected prosecutor Dan Warren, civil rights hero of 1964, author of If it Takes All Summer. FRANCE's appointment ends his running against Judge Warren. Perhaps the political parties made a deal -- what do you reckon?

So what will Judge FRAANCE do with unspent campaign funds? Give them to Republican candidates as payback? Or to some "charity?" The law would allow this and we will be watching him.

Note to our 2018 Florida Constitution Revision Commission: let's look at Governor appointments to replace judges who quit to create vacancies for political power trip reasons. What do y'all reckon?

Prosecutor appointed to replace retiring Volusia Judge Joseph Will
By Frank Fernandez,

Daytona Beach News-Journal

Gov. Rick Scott has appointed prosecutor Christopher A. France to replace retiring Daytona Beach-based Circuit Judge Joseph G. Will, according to a press release Friday from the governor's office.

France manages the St. Johns office for the 7th Circuit State Attorney's Office. The 46-year-old France lives in Palatka and has been an assistant state attorney in the 7th Circuit since 1997. France will assume the seat in January.

France had originally qualified to run in an election for Will's seat. But in a controversial move, Will timed his retirement so the governor would appoint his replacement, cancelling the election already planned for Will's seat.

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