Wednesday, July 13, 2016

False Imputations of Anti-Semitism Violate Sunshine?

When three St. Augustine Commissioners attacked octogenarian Robert Kahler for alleged "anti-Semitism" June 14th for using the word "tushy" at the June 1 meeting they broke the upon law, Mr. Kahler told Commissioners July 11th.  They also lied and libeled him, and Mr. Kahler has spoken to a rabbi who says it's not anti-Semitic.

Mr. Kahler's questions about the etiology of the attack was not answered, with City Attorney James Patrick Wilson relying on the letter of the Open Records law and court opinions -- he does not have to answer questions.  The better view is that, to clear the air, Commissioners must account for their "conscious parallelism" at the June 14th meeting in false imputations of "anti-Semitism" to an octogenarian activist, Mr. Kahler.

Hint to The St. Augustine Record: this is news.  Cover it, without fear or favor, please.

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