Sunday, October 23, 2016


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Joe Saviak does not resemble his Facebook photo

Guess what flatulent, retromignent Flagler College "Professor of Public Administration" is endorsing the enemies of reform -- KRIS PHILLIPS and ANDREA SAMUELS -- and opposing reform St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver and reform St. Augustine Beach Commission candidate Maggie Kostka?

Delusional demagogic JOE SAVIAK.

JOE SAVIAK wrote on Orange County Sheriff's letterhead in 2001 as Chief Deputy to threaten the Florida Board of Bar Examiners with "civil and criminal liability" when he failed the Florida Bar.


Not eligible for rehire by the Sheriff.

Making threats and false police reports in 2016.

Creating lies in 2016.

Same 'ole Tail Gunner Joe.

Spinning like mad, trying to defeat reformers.

As lugubrious a goober as ever made a chair squeaker, an energumen who has "five college degrees and an eighteen page resume." No, sweetheart, if it's eighteen pages, it's a c.v. (Mine is 24 pages, you effect impudent snob.)

Jejune, juvenile arachnid apparatchik JOE's endorsed ANDREA SAMUELS, which should increase her negatives -- he endorsed her despite the fact that he is slated to  "moderate" a debate in St. Augustine Beach Civic Association between SAMUELS and her opponent, Maggie Kostka.
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