Thursday, October 27, 2016


Looking at what vote suppressors are doing to reform candidates and their supporters?

Not just national -- look locally -- think globally, but act locally.

Looking at what Eric West allegedly did to Merrill Paul Roland?

Looking at what St. Augustine Beach Mayor RICHARD O'BRIEN did to heroic government watchdog Tom Reynolds?

Looking at what venomous bigoted WFOY Hate Radio station owner KRIS PHILLIPS' bigoted supporters and their "Secret Squirrel" PACmen are trying to do to reform City of St. Augustine Mayor Nancy E. Shaver?
Looking at what St. Augustine Beach Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS' husband, ROBERT SAMUELS, did to Vice Mayor Undine Pawlowski George?
(Hint: St. Augustine Beach Police assigned the case to St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR" who not only contributed monetarily to SAMUELS, but illegally endorsed her on Sheriff's Department letterhead, an overt act of Hatch Act violations that government watchdog Tom Reynolds reported to federal investigators with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, which found in 2008 that the Marion County Sheriff, also a federal funds recipient, broke federal law by wearing his uniform at a John McCain for President rally).

Why do the heathen rage?

Who do they remind you of?

The people who ran St. Augustine in 1964, leading Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to call St. Augustine "the most lawless city in America?"

Rev. Andrew Jackson Young, Jr., later our UN Ambassador, said of 1964 that St. Augustine was the only place in the south where the civil rights movement's hospital bills exceeded its bail bond bills.

Candidate Merrill Roland is in a hospital tonight, October 27, 2016, allegedly beaten up by the Recording Secretary of the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee, Eric West.

Who is responsible for all of the hate locally in 2016?


His lobbyist, developer lobbyist MARTY FIORENTINO?

St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee Chairman WILLIAM KORACH?

Greater St. Augustine Republican Club Chair MARTIN MILLER?

Republican leader ROBERT THORNTON SMITH?

Hate radio station WFOY owner KRIS PHILLIPS?


Corporate criminals?

Foreign investors?


Flagler College, Flagler Hospital and Dr. Wm. L. Proctor, Ed.D., who fancy themselves Republican lords of all they survey?

The sere remnants of the Ku Klux Klan in St. Johns County -- which former County Commission Chairman and retired federal lawman Ben C. Rich, Sr. called "the last bastion of the KKK" (in a 2008 interview with Folio Weekly)?

What do y'all reckon?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for disjointed posts. This is the first message:

"I voted Early at the S. Library Branch. I'm sure I was out-numbered by Repubs there, & Watched the people in line before me have No special instruction. But she got UP & walked to get "My ballot" & she signaled to me with her hands to "Come here" & that's when she explained the matching numbers. Just thought it was odd....she never left her seat for the others in front of me. Weird."

Do you know what all this means? Thanks.