Saturday, October 22, 2016


On the evening of October 20, 2016, St. Augustine Beach Civic Association Vice President ROBERT SAMUELS, spouse of St. Augustine Beach Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS, allegedly assaulted and assailed St. Augustine Beach Vice Mayor Undine Pawlowski George.

As documented in a sworn affidavit by St. Augustine Beach Vice Mayor George given to Commander James Parker, SABPD on October 21, 2016:

On October 20, 2016, I arrived at the Marsh Creek Country Club at approximately 6:50 PM to attend the dinner of the Florida League of Cities hosted by the City of St. Augustine Beach. Happy hour had begun for this event at 6:00 pm and the dinner began at 7:00 pm. After greeting Chief Hardwick and [Commander] Parker and Commissioner Samuels, I went into the room where they were serving drinks to get a beverage to take to the dinner table. When I stepped up to the server, and while I was engaged in conversation with another dinner attendant, Mr. Robert Samuels forcefully stabbed my right shoulder with his finger and started screaming at me about a conversation he had with Maggie Kostka (who is a candidate running in the same election as his wife, Mrs. Samuels). He appeared to be possibly intoxicated and very upset. He jostled his drink and forgot to pay for his drink. As he shouted at me he was loud and throwing his arms out at the sides and upwards in the air. I was embarrassed and confused about why he was yelling at me. I maintained my calm and attempted to ease the situation. I also told him I have nothing to do with it. He shouted louder and then shouted "oh really!" and then essentially told me that I was responsible for Ms. Kostka because I contributed to her campaign. This makes no sense. I did make a contribution to her campaign because she is rational, is civil to all citizens regardless of whether they agree with her on every issue, and she has a strong business background. It is my constitutional right to support any candidate I choose at any given period of time. I have been attacked by Bob Samuels and his wife in the past and they have both attempted to intimidate me in the past during election seasons and it is cry inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, it hurt when he stabbed at me and it continued to hurt for a minute or two afterwards. During the rest of the evening both of them glared at me each time I walked past their table. This hostility should not continue and I felt that I have no choice but to begin to report it especially since he has now elevated his hostility toward me with unwelcome physical contact and intentionally interrupted the conversation I was having.

s/ Undine George

St. Augustine Beach Police are investigating.



Left to right: SABCA President WILLIAM JONES, Commissioner ANDREA SAMUELS, et ux, SABCA VP ROBERT SAMUELS, tedious tendentious serial First Amendment violators.


Anonymous said...

Whenever you see them coming put your cell on record and get what you can as proof! Thus is unacceptable behaviour especially from someone who wants to be in office.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your report, but the use of this picture other than an official picture for a commissioner makes me think less of your integrity. Decorum is important and this includes whether agreeing or disagreeing with someone. This blog holds no regard in my eyes at this point. Try again. You make me ashamed to be apart of this great community. These might be facts, but paint them in a straightforward way.....anyone with true integrity would do the same.

Ed Slavin said...

I know of no official photo. I know of no organization in journalism that relies on official photos. Decorum? Do you think the Samuels know the meaning of the word?