Saturday, October 22, 2016


Controversial Flagler College "Associate Professor of Public Administration" JOE SAVIAK has endorsed one of the candidates in the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association "debate" that he is supposed to "moderate":

As a professor of public management and public policy, I have the opportunity each year to work closely with a number of elected officials, senior staff, and career professionals. 
I am especially impressed with City of St. Augustine Beach Commissioner Andrea Samuels. She's exceptionally knowledgeable, highly competent, and always accessible and responsive. She has the proven ability to craft effective solutions and continually achieve positive public policy outcomes on the issues that matter most for her constituents. Her integrity is exemplary and she really represents the very best in public service. 
Not surprisingly, leaders we hold in high regard in our community - Sheriff David Shoar, State Senator Travis Hutson, Northeast Florida Regional Airport Authority Commissioner Mark P. Miner and St. Johns County Veterans Council Chairman Bill Dudley - are strongly encouraging residents to keep Commissioner Samuels leading and serving this beautiful beach community. 
She'll continue to keep taxes low while protecting the very special quality of life of the City of St. Augustine Beach. 
Her city fared pretty well during the hurricane and while her citizens always remained her #1 priority, she and her husband Robert also found time to aid our community. Her calls each day and visits to pitch in and lend time and resources to help our residents recover really meant the world to us during this incredibly challenging time and earned her a very special place in our hearts.  ❤️

A debate "moderator" endorsing one of the candidates in the debate before it occurs?



Appearance of impropriety?



What do you reckon?

This is the same Prof. JOE SAVIAK who attacked Mayor Nancy Shaver with materially false and misleading statements.

This is the same Prof. JOE SAVIAK who as Chief Deputy wrote letters to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners and Supreme Court on the Orange County Sheriff's letterhead, threatening "civil and criminal liability" because he failed the Florida Bar exam.

JOE SAVIAK was fired by the Orange County Sheriff after a hearing in which he did not respond to the charges, instead attacking people.

JOE SAVIAK is not eligible for rehire by the Orange County Sheriff, according to documents obtained through F.S. 119.

In response to my Open Records requests, SAVIAK wrote babbling e-mails and demanded that the St. Johns County Sheriff and the St. Augustine Beach Police invoke the Baker Act agains me for "stalking."

They rightly rejected his irascible, irrational ukase.

Prof. JOE SAVIAK's endorsement of ANDREA SAMUELS against reformer Maggie Kostka is revealing about the extent to which the ancien regime here in St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach and St. Johns County is willing to go to maintain control.

Elect Maggie Kostka, an honest 24 year resident and local business owner to St. Augustine Beach Commission.

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